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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Planning & Prep is key to success...

12th July 2014
You know you’re on the right track when you become uninterested in looking back!

I did have a lovely day yesterday, I was edumucated ;-) for a few hours at a Weight Watcher training meeting, it was a good session, lots of reading to do now and things to put in place.  Then when I left there I drove to a couple of garden centres and had a walk round Half Penny Green, it was lovely to have a few hours of ‘me time’ without the distraction of my phone.  I’ve bought me a few plants too, more gardening to do this weekend; I was so pleased because I got my hands on one plant I’ve been looking for, for a few weeks now.  Got home and had a sit in the garden for an hour before planting up a couple of the pots, the rest are going to have to wait till later today or even tomorrow afternoon.  

Oh whilst I think about, don’t forget it’s our hour walk tomorrow 11am, Meeting place;
Marquis Drive
Near Cannock
WS12 4PW
Donate £2 if you’re coming and of course even if you aren’t you can still make a donation, be nice to make at least £100 just for a morning get together with like-minded people, how many times have you spent that on a can of pop and a bag of crisps?  I was charged £1.95 for a bottle of diet coke in the café at Half Penny Green yesterday!  Diabetes UK is a great charity and a relevant one as being overweight is an important risk factor in the development of Type 2 diabetes and data released earlier this week indicates that more than 700 people are diagnosed with the condition every day in the UK.

Anyways you’d have been proud of me, before leaving the house yesterday I spent 15 minutes knocking up a veggie mince curry so I had food when I got home.  I didn’t get anything to eat from 8.30am to when I walked in the house at around 5pm and I walked round a shop full of goodies, I even stood in the café queue for a drink and resisted their amazing cakes!  I won’t lie all the drive home from that last garden centre, I was thinking food, KFC, McD, Chippy, Chinese, Indian maybe – I passed so many places that would’ve been an easy solution to my tea and the fact I was starting to get pretty hungry but nope I waited till I got home, I had a cheesy triangle sandwich whilst I was waiting for mom to come back from walking the dog and then we had our curry and it was just the job.

Working this morning in my office, then I’ll have a massage to look forward to later.  Got to make the most of the spare hours I do get this weekend as I’m off up to Preston Monday for an all day meeting, I’ve got an added role to my leader role, I’m Social Media for our area, of course I’m a huge fan of Facebook so I enjoy it.

I’ve just took some cod out of the freezer, I need to find something to do with that, I’m not buying any meat or fish until I’ve used up what I have in my freezer, then I’m going to do me a meal plan and shop from that – I hear you sigh “haven’t you done that before?” Yep, and I’m doing it again, I’m going to try ProPoints next week I think, fancy being able to use up the stuff in my cupboards next too, and ProPoints will help me do that, I’ve just spent half of what was left of this month’s food budget on plants ;) so I need to use what I have in already!  Flowers are pretty but they don’t fill me up.

I’ve got a list of meal ideas to use my kitchen supplies up, it’s in a blue book, I wrote it last Monday, only problem is – I can’t find the damn book!  Me untidy, I won’t have it said!  I might have cod and chorizo, not completely F&H but I fancy trying the two together, I also have some nice small potatoes and fresh veg, mmm good fresh sounding healthy meal, that’ll do me, get it prepared before I go out later so I don’t get sidetracked when I get back.  

Yes I’ve realised by ensuring the meal is already prepared for later, it stops me nipping in the shop and getting something not quite so healthy or even just picking at bread and spread when I get home and not eating a proper meal – it works.  

I need to get me a table for the garden so I can eat outside, had a look yesterday but wasn’t taken by anything.

Anyways have a super Saturday, BeYOUtiful as always and focus on your food – taste it, savour it & of course enjoy it…

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