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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Great Food, Great Job, Great Life!

26th July 2014
Happy people understand that sometimes life doesn’t go their way - life isn’t fair, but at least it isn’t fair for anyone…

I love days like yesterday, sunshine, good food, good company; they really are my kind of days.  I worked till lunchtime then went and picked up my mate and we went to The Crown on the Wergs road for a treat, they do have a fixed price menu at lunchtime but as it was a treat we had what we fancied, and it was delicious, all I’ll say is thank the universe for a weekly allowance, although I still chose wisely, 

Starter was caramelised onion tart & scallops
Main was fish (bream I think I ordered, whatever it was I ordered it because I’d never tried it before, it was good), boiled potatoes and spinach
Desert – lemon tart
Using  my Weight Watcher app as a guide, I’d guess, caramelised onion tart (10pp) & 2 scallops (F&H or 1pp),  fish (bream fillet is 3pp each, mine was whole so 6pp), boiled potatoes (F&H or 3pp plus 2pp for butter) and spinach.  Finally 10pp for the tart.  

Yeah 35pp would cover that meal and it was quite a delight, I do love food, and good food is the best kind, there was a time I used to ‘just eat’ now I taste and savour, those scallops were just amazing, and the tart was a treat, it satisfied me so much my tea was a cucumber sandwich and a small chunk of St Agur cheese, mmm, food will always be one of the greatest pleasures in my life and now I eat less, more about quality than quantity, I enjoy it even more.

After a lovely afternoon of good food and good chat, I went home and sat in the shade of the garden and enjoyed an hour or so of peace and quiet, absolute blissful way to end a great day.  

Work-wise August is a quiet month usually but not this year, I have had a busy July and have a crazy busy August coming up, so I need to ensure I keep a bit of balance as I’m going to be working some weekends, I need to make sure I have my down time or I’ll burn myself out and I can’t be having that!  So this morning I’m organising my diary and scheduling in ‘Bev Time’.  I can’t help anyone else if I’m not healthy and happy myself and part of what makes me happy is doing nothing, I like to spend time chilling, it balances out my rush.  Today will most definitely be an afternoon of ‘nothing’, I’m going to work from 6-11, then the rest of the day is mine, ooo I have a massage booked, that’s my indulgence, it’s also medicinal, it keeps my body functioning as it sorts out my joints and muscles, last week my lady wasn’t able to do a full massage and I’ve noticed the difference in my body this week, its seizing up!

The forecast looks fabulous for today so I’m thinking a few hours in the garden again later, I might even attempt to read a book, although my brain is buzzing with thoughts and ideas at the moment so not sure it’ll be able to calm enough to concentrate on a book.

Have a great day, don’t forget the “where do you read yours” if you get a photo opportunity! 
BeYOUtiful and focus on the healthy and happy, it’s facebook status’s like this that make it all worthwhile; 

Another non scale victory for me today. My diabetes nurse was sooo happy with my blood results she has taken me off all metformin meds. Before I lost weight I was on max dosage. To say I'm happy is an understatement Thank you Beverley Longsden xx  I started Weight Watchers to help my diabetes. With the help and support of Beverley Longsden and fellow Weight Watchers at Ashmore Park's meeting I've now lost 7 stone. I love WW because I know that making those small changes to my diet are for keeps but so easy to do and it's made a huge difference to my diabetes.

And comments like this;
Rachael Doyle
I attend Beverley Longsdens meeting Bloxwich, I joined in Aug 2010 a very unhappy person with a lot of weight to lose, who always put a brave face on that the weight did not bother me but deep down inside it was killing me looking at myself that size, then I made the first step and walked through those doors and never looked back and I’m so glad I did as in a few weeks I have been at goal 2years after losing 157 and a half pound and am now a happy healthy person could not have done it without my fantastic leader Bev, meetings are fab and made friends along the way xx

Makes me proud to be a leader and shows that losing weight isn’t just about image, it’s health and happiness too, I’m so proud of both of these ladies, they’ve both lost incredible amounts of weight Julie 7st and Rachael over 11 stone, maintaining for 2 years – how marvellous is that!  I’m proud of all my members whether you lose 3lb or 30lb or 10 stone, it’s an incredible achievement, when you look around at how much food is on offer, temptation is everywhere so to find a way to resist and stay in control and make life long changes is just incredible – well done to all of us.  We’re amazing aren’t we when you really stop and think about it. xx Mwah xx

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