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Thursday, 10 July 2014

So I'm slow at getting there.... At least I'm still going!

10th July 2014
You owe it to yourself to find happiness….

I’ve been reminiscing a lot the last week, think it was my brothers 50th that triggered it, looking at old photos, remembering fond memories and for some reason I just looked to see what I was blogging on 10th July over the last few years, then I found the very first blog entry I wrote back in 2008 this was it;

Day 1 Saturday, Sep 6, 2008
My health gets better and better all the time. 

My introduction tells you I'm on day 26 of my healthy eating regime but I thought I'd go back to day 1 so you can see how far I've gone in such a short time.

Weighed at leaders meeting last night 11 stone 4 and a half pound (goal weight 10st 6b), I was gutted, I knew it was going to be bad because I’d been weighed the day before in my own meeting, and because I knew how bad it was going to be I didn’t even remove my shoes, nor go to the toilet first, what difference would a pound make I thought! 

Started my diet this morning.  I love good healthy food but have a huge appetite and struggle to know how much is too much and also as soon as I try to eat healthy, something in me usually rebels because I want white bread or a bar of chocolate (which normally I never eat!), silly I know but then having a weight problem does make you do silly things and behave in silly ways.
This week I have felt drained and down and I’d realised it was because I wasn’t eating properly which always has a detrimental effect on my life.  So I’ve never started a diet on a Saturday before - maybe it’s an omen that this time I will crack it forever, I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life either gaining or losing weight, never maintaining.  I want to be a gold member maintaining within her 5lb limit effortlessly. 

When you first start a diet, you become a little obsessed and preoccupied with it, all the time thinking about food and what you can have next, how many points you have left etc.  After a while it becomes routine, so I’m looking forward to that kicking in because its 2.30pm and I’ve been thinking about what I can eat and planning meals all day, I even work up at 5am this morning and my first thought was about the diet. 

I’m out all day tomorrow so I need to take a packed lunch, will go check what I can have
Mmm not much changes ;-) actually lots of stuff has, I still weigh about the same and still want to get closer to 10st 6 than the 11st 6 that I am!  I’m not down about it though because I’m still 2 and a half stone lighter than I was when I last joined Weight Watchers in 2004.  I did get back to my goal weight in 2004 by the way, in a ridiculously quick time of a month, I lose 7lb in that first week, followed by 1.5lb, then 2.5lb, I turned it into a project didn’t I as I do and something at that time just clicked, I would quite like that ‘click’ to happen now, however looking back over the last 6 years of July 10th I can see how much my life has changed and the fact I’m 6 years old my body has changed too.  The main thing is I know I don’t get as down on myself about not being able to stick to the plan as I did, after all as I like to say it’s called “Weight Watchers” not weight losers, I’m just glad that I never seen to go higher than the weight I am this week.  That post has motivated me to get a grip and turn it into a project again, that seems to work for me usually, so I’ll give it a go.  I’m on Simple Start this week, day 4, I’m not going to lie, I’ve gone over on my treats, which will mean I won’t get a great result, so maybe I’ll try ProPoints next week.  I’m going to have a think and decide what to base my project on, I might even take a look at the trackers from back then and see if I can recreate ;0) .

The 6 weeks school holidays are coming up so I’m going to make it my challenge to be back at goal or at least a damn sight closer to it by the end of them, that’s about 8 weeks from now I think, I can do at least 8lb surely.

It’s not easy – no one said it was, life isn’t easy but the worst thing we can do is give up and I for one will never do that, I will always make myself a priority, even if occasionally that slips, I’ll never let it fall completely.

Thursday my busy day, better get started, as always it will be tremendous!

BeYOUtiful and never forget why you started. xx

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