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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Appreciating my family today, not just the ones celebrating birthdays...

6th July 2014
A picture is worth a thousand words but the memories are priceless…

Completely self indulgent blog this morning we had a lovely day yesterday celebrating moms birthday with her even though it’s her actual birthday today, Lynne came yesterday and we had a lovely day, Jen and I made mom cakes on the morning and she made her a loom bracelet as a birthday gift then we all spent the rest of the day together chilling and laughing – perfect! 

It’s my brother 50th today as well, fancy giving birth on your birthday – mom must have loved that!  Last night as we were all sat watching a movie I was scrolling through my albums on Facebook looking for photos with him in and WOW I was suddenly being reminded of all the things we’ve done together and the places we’ve been, and they’re have been some amazing memories made.

I mostly have a dreadful memory however I only have to look at certain photos and I’m back in that feeling, how I felt when that photo was taken I feel when I look at it, and last night they were causing me to smile a great deal, they really were.  There’s one that was take in America when we were cycling from San Francisco to L.A. in 2002, and we’d just cycled none stop uphill for 6 miles – I felt so fit when that photo was taken, amazed at myself for having cycled that long without stopping because it was an awesome hill!  Another of us sitting on the ground at the bottom of Snowdon after we’d walked up and down all 6 paths in one day; exhausted beyond works but impressed at ourselves for having achieved it.  There’s another about ten years later when we did that walk again, we’re walking down the Watkin path I think and I just remember the pain, we were looking to see what painkillers we had that we could take ;-) because we knew we still had to go up to the top of the mountain again!   

I’ve got so many fantastic memories of spending time with my brother, we’ve done some truly wonderful things together and travelled to some incredible places, photos for me help my memory, they trigger the feelings which then help to bring that moment back to me – they really are the only possessions I truly cherish, everything else is just stuff.

The photos I came across of mom and I we’re always laughing, they’re aren’t too many of us together because when we’re out it’s usually only the two of us and selfies are a relatively new thing, however I did find this old photo yesterday that was possibly our first selfie (must be 25 years ago), I’d had a new camera and was trying to work out how to use the timer / remote thing on it;

We’re so low down because the camera is on the tele table and it was as high as we could get it ;) good memories, really good memories and today I plan on making even more, we made a few yesterday and thanks to the power of Facebook and the technology of the iphone I am able to film mom and share that with the rest of my family who can’t be here all the time so they get to still enjoy mom as much as I do.   I tried to take a selfie of us both sitting on her chair and mom laughing and saying “"oh I don't like it!" so we’re both in stitches and the photos were out of focus ;0) lots of nice piccy’s for the rest of the day though.  Looking through my albums last night reminded me of how fantastic our family is, we may not be super close and in each others lifes all the time but we are family and we're there when it's important.

I was challenged last night by a friend on Facebook to “show us their positive thinking skills!” She’d posted 3 positives about her day, she told me “basically it's an antidote to negative thinking so find three good things, as you are the queen of positive thinking I thought you'd have no probs”  I’m flattered and I can honestly say I could easily stop at any moment, even on my worst hormonal bitch day from hell and find you 3 positives about my life, even being an hormonal bitch is a positive because I know it’s a way that my body and mind re-balances me each month and feeling that “AAARGGGGHHH” makes me feel amazing and appreciative when that moods gone!

If you look hard enough you can always find the good, the positives and the happy I promise. 

I’m off to make fresh, warm chocolate and banana muffins for breakfast, it’s my mom’s birthday after all and Lynne and Jen are here for breakfast, then they’re off and mom and I will spend the rest of the day having quality mom and daughter giggle time, and I know we’re getting a visit from the boy she gave birth to 50 years ago today!

Where have those years gone…

Remember the years may pass and you may age but you can BeYOUtiful all your life. xx

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