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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Don't let the scales weigh you down....

13th July 2014

A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, and realize how blessed you

This week in my members closed Facebook group, we’ve been having an interesting discussion about scales.  How often do you jump on your own scales in the bathroom? It never ceases to amaze me how many of my members have already weighed themselves on their own scales before getting on mine!  I believe it’s best to weigh only once a week, at the same time - if you’re attending Weight Watcher meetings that should be the only time you get weighed. WHY? Well because there’s nothing more satisfying when trying to lose weight that stepping on the scales and seeing the numbers go down, at the same time there’s nothing more demoralising than see those numbers go up!  I know some people are jumping on the scales constantly, first thing in the morning after their first trip to the loo before they’ve had a drink for example!  Yet there are numerous factors that influence our daily weight and seeing those scales fluctuate up and down can affect our moods and lead to frustration.  Weight fluctuates not just daily but also throughout the day, so there’s no point in jumping on and off those darn things!  Why do the scales fluctuate, well one reason would be dehydration, this would result in an incorrect weight showing on the scales, as soon as you drink it’ll rise again.  A few reasons the scales would be out are, if you’ve been out boozing the night before, if you’re dehydrated from exercise, are retaining water before menstruation or believe it or not even from eating a salty or starchy meal.

Scales can massively affect your mood so why give them that power more than once a week, at least if you’re at your meeting with your leader you can discuss the results and get support and motivation to keep you positive whatever the results!

This week in meetings we discussed routines, and for my members one of the most important is to stay to their meeting each week - the most successful members put their meeting in their diary first & everything else fits round it, their weight loss success proves that Together Is Better and that Weight Watchers works because of that group support. What needs to happen for you to ensure you attend and stay to enjoy your meeting every week?

I passionately believe that’s true, when I was a member I always stayed to the meetings every week, we didn’t have esource and facebook back then just our weekly dose of motivation and I always loved being there, I met one of my very dear friends in my Weight Watcher meeting at Essington back in 2004 so it didn’t just help me lose weight it helped me gain an awesome mate.

I’ve got me a diary in my newish filofax (I know I’ve got back to the 80s but they’re useful!) and I’ve decided I’m going to ‘book’ the important this in there that I want to do then work round them with the other stuff.  So I don’t just mean writing in appointments, I mean booking in an hour’s gardening time, or a walk, a lunch with a friend or even a Weight Watcher meeting for myself to get me motivated by someone else.  “Me” time is just as important as everything else and if booking it in is the only way I’m guaranteed to get it, then that’s what I’ll do.

So two things that I’ve booked in today are my Walking the Weight Watcher Way on Cannock chase this morning with like-minded people to raise a few pounds for Diabetes UK 11am, Meeting place;
Visitors Centre, Marquis Drive
Near Cannock
WS12 4PW
Followed by lunch out with a few, then later today I have to get my college work completed as it needs to be in by the 20th (oops).

Yesterday I scheduled in gardening time, had an hour or more re-potting my hanging baskets as they’d lost their sparkle, I also had my massage which made it an awesome Saturday.  I have to say, yesterday morning I thought I’d been possessed, I finished my blog, then found my hands moving things off my desk and putting them away, before I knew it I had a duster in my hands!  It was a very strange feeling and a bit extreme for so early on a Saturday morning but an hour later I had a tidy, clean, clear desk and I had a strong coffee to calm myself down!  I won’t lie though, it was lovely walking into such an orderly space this morning, I really do wish I naturally had that tidy gene!

Anyways, I best get on, got a few things I’d like to get done before our walk and a coffee to start is a grand idea.

Enjoy your Sunday; see you later if you’re joining us & whatever you’re doing BeYOUtiful. Xx

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