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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Always BeYOUtiful - before & now!

22nd July 2014
If you never try – you’ll never know!

It’s always a great feeling when a member achieves their goal and I love it when one makes it into the papers to celebrate their success, that’s just what Jane Mason did yesterday, she was in the Express and Star with the headline “Jane sheds half her body weight”, it’s a brilliant piece, it really is, if you didn’t see the newspaper version, here’s the online article http://www.expressandstar.com/editors-picks/2014/07/21/jane-sheds-half-her-body-weight/jane-mason-is-a-shadow-of-her-former-self/  
The photo with the tape measure is relevant because when Jane joined my meeting back in September 2012, she started a journal to track her food and there’s a section to measure yourself, the tape measure wasn’t quite big enough to measure her hips and she guestimated them at 63 inches as you can see from the photo that measurement is half that now!  And the reason the photographer got Jane to give me a piggyback was because I’m the equivalent of the weight she’s lost, she agreed she couldn’t walk round with that weight on her back for long!   

Almost 2 years one and Jane still fills in her journal every day and to be fair she still enjoys similar food, it’s just a balance now, she’s healthier and happier and great advocate for Weight Watchers and how it can work when the plan is embraced, she joined us yesterday for an hour and her attitude now towards a healthy lifestyle is just fantastic, she’s changed so much in the way she thinks and behaves around food.  Jane was BeYOUtiful when she joined my meeting, now she’s healthier and happier too, I’m so proud of her and all my members.

Here’s a photo of Day one of her Journal back in 2012;

Here’s a photo of last Fridays Journal two years on;

Her collection of Journals, 

each one last’s 3 months and Jane has measured herself throughout, because it’s the none scales victories that matter as well as the weight, things like the first time she was able to tie her own sandals, the day her partner posted to Facebook that he hadn't changed partners she was just half the woman she was, as so many people had asked!   

Jane’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels are now normal, after being worryingly high and her BMI was 54 and has reduced to a healthier 32.

Jane says ' Weight Watchers helped me through group support, teaching me to eat healthy food and have small treats occasionally. My leader has taught me food is not my enemy and to love myself just as I am. I can walk miles without breaking into a sweat and gasping for breath, which is such a drastic change!'

How fab!  Remember you’re BeYOUtiful, all of you – learn to love the skin you’re in, accept yourself the way you are and taking care of yourself will become a lot easier, it’s easier to take care of something we love.

If you were to decide to get slimmer this summer, what would be your reasons?  And what will be the first step you take.

Enjoy your Tuesday, it looks like it’s going to be a lovely, sunny day – let’s enjoy it.

Healthy & Happy remember – always BeYOUtiful. xx

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