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Friday, 25 July 2014

We do like our chips & chinese don't we!

25th July 2014
You can’t rush something you want to last forever!

That moment when you’ve just woke up feeling shattered and you realise your alarm isn’t set because you don’t have to get up at silly o’clock!  I still got up five minutes later because I was awake and couldn’t snooze, plus I’ve got loads to do so my brain started working, but it was a nice feeling and it’s good to know I haven’t got to rush to get stuff done today, plus I’m getting to have a posh lunch with a pal – yay love good grub I do and I’m not having steak, far too much red meat the last two weeks, no chips either!  I need a bit of balance back, although we have enjoyed lovely salmon and chicken at home, it was even an organic chicken, can’t afford them too often which is why I’ve cut down on the amount of chicken we eat and switching to fish and veggie options.

We’ve just had a fabulous week in my meetings this week, so many awards handed out, 5%, 10%, 50lb’s, goals and of course loads of silver sevens too, it’s been an incredible week, another 475lb lost over the week to add to our running total which now stands at 14,119lb that’s smashed the 1,000 stone barrier easily – truly inspirational and getting slimmer this summer is what my lot are planning on doing!

We got to talking about the holiday mindset especially where booze is concerned and how the sun comes out and we swap our lager for cider, our wine for Pimms and our vodka and diet coke for cocktails, all of which are much easier to drink and packed with ProPoints, so just be careful with that as it’s really easy to start making jugs of Pimms or Sangria on a summers afternoon so you feel like you’re on your holidays in your back garden, make sure you’re saving your weekly ProPoints, there’s a lovely white sangria recipe in August’s Weight Watcher magazine, after you’ve made that you can use the mag to take some “Where do you read yours photos”.

The other day I looked at the stats on my blog page, I’ve never really looked before, my blog is something I write for myself and it’s great that people want to read it but I’ve not paid much attention to how many, so I checked out the top ten viewed pages and I was amused to see that 7 out of the top 10 were food based eating out / takeaway based ones.  The number one blog has had 4,255 views and that doesn’t cover the ones that have it emailed to them!  We really do like our chip shop treats don’t we!   

My Top Ten

It’s good to know they’re being read and hopefully helping you to stay on track!

Right it’s Friday – YAY, the weekend is upon us, there will be sunshine, so make sure you stay hydrated (water that is), protect yourself enough in the sun (sun cream) and slow down enough to enjoy it, get active if you want some spare ProPoints, use those weekly 49 just the once!  Most of all enjoy yourself because you’re only on this wonderful planet once and we should embrace every day sunshine or showers.

We’re doing a car boot sale Sunday if the sun keeps shining, an opportunity to promote Weight Watchers to the world, let them know we’re getting slimmer this summer.

Have a fab Friday BeYOUtiful. x

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