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Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Who's up for On It October?

Tuesday 1st October 2019
October is about trees revealing colours they've had all year.  People have an October as well.

The first of the month, the last quarter of the year, last day of my WW week, weigh-in tomorrow, I've got 5 blue dots on my app too if I include last Tuesday, ended up dipping into my FitPoints yesterday but I blame ALDI!  Lol, not really, I make the choices but I did go shopping there yesterday and because I wasn't tempted by their Cheese and Onion crisps but mom likes them, I thought I'd be safe with their Pringles rip off, turns out I was wrong, but at least I only add a quarter of the tube, it could've been worse.  I haven't tried these yet but they look good and I've had good reports from others, Skinny pork sausages 2 for 3SP.  

I also fancy the look of these 3SP each
The phone signal in our new Aldi is poor so my scanner wouldn't work, I had to take a gamble the points, thankfully they were ok.  I was seriously impressed with Aldi, lots of good quality, reasonably priced British products, it will definitely be my new main shop destination.  

I opted for a bit of posh yesterday morning and had smoked salmon with extra light cheese triangles on a Warburton thin. 

Dinner was all ready from the day before, beef stew and one of them has no potato in as I'm going to have it with a bit of mash and lots of green veggies. 

I like the idea of #OnItOctober because this time of the year when the weather is like it was yesterday it can be easy to be 'Off it' can't it, but we need to remind ourselves healthy eating and self care is for life not just for Christmas, just because Self Care September is done doesn't mean we can continue to think of ways to look after ourselves.  I even got back out of bed last night when I realised I hadn't done my skincare routine, I like the way my skin has felt the last few days. 

I also went downstairs when I woke up to get my WellnessWins water holder, if water is there I'm more likely to drink it, I've already almost finished my first - that's also helping my skin. 

I think I'm going to cook something from the Veggie book this week, it is World Vegetarian Day today and International Veggie week, so it seems right I do, I'll have a look later for what I fancy doing. 
Okay so October, what would you like to achieve this month?  Thinking Self Care how would you like to take care of yourself?  How would you like to incorporate more fun?  Where do you need to be kinder to yourself? There's some simple questions for those of you that have enjoyed the Self Care blogs. 

What do you take for granted?  The roof over my head for sure!  Last night all the electrics on our tv went off, the fuse had tripped, I just clicked it back but it tripped again, when I looked there was water round the back, at first I thought maybe mom had spilt some water but once I'd wiped it all up more appeared, I thought it was coming through the ceiling but thankfully it wasn't, then realised it was coming in the tv aerial, it had got inside the wire somehow!  Luckily we have Sky so don't actually need the aerial to watch it, I only had the aerial put up a couple of years ago in case I ever got in a situation I couldn't afford sky!   Yes the thought of no tele for mom didn't fill me with joy, I definitely take that for granted.  Family too, of course they don't have to be blood to be in that category.  I may not get out much these days, but I do have some amazing people in my life, thank goodness for telephones and social media, at least I get to stay in touch that way.  Oh and my job, I come into contact with amazing people constantly being a WW coach, it's the nearest to a social life I have and I get paid for it.  

Today I shall focus on the things I'm thankful for, I hope you do too. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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