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Monday, 7 October 2019

Bed, I love you x

Monday 7th October 2019
Only those who care about you can hear you when you're quiet.

See this right here, this makes me very, very happy.  After two nights of very little sleep, she finally slept well, only waking a couple of times but she went back to sleep and I feel like I've caught up on my sleep so I'm very, very, very, happy if I hadn't already mentioned it.  I don't function well without sleep, and focusing on 'weight loss' well, that's almost impossible (not quite though). 

I couldn't go walking with my brother yesterday because mom didn't want me leaving her, she felt scared, still asking when we're going home, then realising she's already there, but he did pop round with a pressie for me, how thoughtful is this, so I can put him in my room and see a heron every morning, such a lovely, kind gesture and I love him, bought from a boat man at Bentley Bridge, they were passing through, so that's even better because he is one of my canal herons, can you tell I'm sitting typing with a big grin on my face, yep and teary eyes too but we'll blame the hormones for that and relief over sleep. 

The next thing that made me feel loved was this wonderful post on Facebook; 

Kell had also messaged me to check in on me and offer to help anytime, even if it was just to walk Alfie for me.  It's so good to know I have so many special people in my life that I can draw on for help because unlike in the past where I was one of those idiots that think they have to cope and do everything for themselves, I've learned that it's wise to accept help, we have tribes for a reason.  It is crazy how we met though, Whilst I was chatting to her every day whilst out walking Alfie, my bestie Vicky was hanging out with her at exercise classes and trying to convince her to join WW with her, neither of us realised with had a mutual friend until she arrived in my workshop and we both said, oh we know each other already..

Anyway, food, weight loss, focusing on my health, self care - wow that's been a challenge this weekend, tiredness is my kryptonite, it weakens my resolve and lets the voices into my head saying, "ooo you could use this time as an excuse to have all those foods you like that are high in Smart Points and you wouldn't have when you're on track.  Go take a drive to McDonalds, you fancy a really good burger, or meet me half way and go buy burgers and cobs from the Co-op". Around teatime, it changed tactics, "You haven't had a Chinese takeaway in forever, chicken chow mien and egg fried rice, nom nom, you really wanted a roast dinner with gravy like all those you've seen splashed all over Facebook, so have a takeaway instead - you're too tired to cook".  And on and on and on the greedy git kept on at me, I didn't do either of those suggestions but I did do lazy food and went over my allowance, but it could've been a whole heap worse.  

For breakfast I ate the last few beans as a cheesy bean toastie, it was lush, cost me about 12SP but blah, a maccy's would have been nearer 30SP. 

This was the closest I was getting to cooking a dinner, I just threw the lamb chops in the oven with those Aldi potato skins and added some frozen veg, Alfie helped me demolish the chops, there were 4 in total, 2 lamb chops loin are 12SP they're really nice though.  

Today I'll mostly be cooking the chicken breasts out of the fridge, I have a packet of butter chicken curry sauce to use, so that sounds like a plan.  Need to use up all the foods I have in cupboards and freezer so no need to go shopping this week really apart from a few bits and bobs, lots of fish still in my freezer.  #OnItOctober has been a bit more like #OnItOffItOctober but it's all good, true WWers just draw a line and get back on track, that's what I intend to do this morning, I'm quite pleased with myself for not giving into the takeaway or McDonalds.

Now what to have for breakfast, this weather and my hormones is making me want lots of carbs, I think I need to balance out by including some protein, I need some eggs don't I, yeah defo, with some cherry tomatoes, nom nom, I might even through a gammon round on the plate, bought some small ones from Aldi, think they work out at a bargain 3SP each, I'll have a big breakfast then I won't eat again till teatime.   

Hope you've got your day planned, let's all have a good day, we've got this. Mwah xx

Luv ya, 

Love me xx

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