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Monday, 21 October 2019

Monday's are just mini New Years!

Monday 21st October 2019
And like the moon we must go through phases of emptiness to feel whole again.

Yay, just realised it's pay day on Friday, phew, not gonna lie, I'm glad, I'm trying not to use my credit card this month for anything but essentials, that's food and moms rennies so far, although that's got to go till the 10th November when my card month changes, I'm 11 days in though, it's damned hard, I'm not gonna lie.  It isn't until you start to become accountable and notice how you waste money (or WW Smart Points) that you realise how easy it is to spend money on stuff you probably don't even need.  For me this week it's included buying some Avon, was going to buy some shampoo and perfume but then realised a) I'm not spending this month and b) I have both of those things at the moment so don't need anymore!   Yesterday I couldn't find my walking socks so ended up wearing my trainers, just thought to myself, I'll buy a couple of pairs, then remembers the Amazon ban and instead decided maybe I just put the socks in the walking boots after they are washed, rather than have more just know where the ones I've got are!   Yes it's easy to keep buying more and more, the one that I'm struggling with is the 3 for 2 yarn in Hobbycraft, that's killing me not to buy lots, but I keep reminding myself, I have plenty of yarn to make lots of things over the coming months and the offer will come round again.  What are you spending money on you could live without?  After all the easiest way to have a tidy house is to have less stuff, which reminds me that's what I'm doing this morning, tidying up - boo.

I did manage to have a walk with my brother yesterday, we walked over Bushbury Hill, I remember it was a cross country route when I was at school, then I got to thinking surely I left that school before I started cross country, not sure what age they start running at school but then I remembered later on I was in the team and ran for the school so I think it was one of those runs, anyway, I don't think I could've run it yesterday lol.  We enjoyed the views and the chat whilst walking though, and I saw a perfect toadstool, of course we didn't pick it, they are poisonous after all.

Oh and this is NOT a tree!  It's on the top of the hill, it's a fake tree mast, how cool is that!

I didn't add any different veggies to my food list yesterday but when I go shopping I will buy some different ones to try, I was a lazy cook / eater yesterday, I had tacos shells stuffed with beef mince and onions seasoned with oxo, it worked for me, I really enjoyed it.  I'd had a bit of toast for breakfast and yes I really need to get back on track, I've lost my mojo a little, the emotions got in the way at the start of the weekend, hormones too, I thought I was done with all that but apparently my body is not yet ready to let me grow my beard and turn into a man!

We talked about pumpkin last week, here's a recipe I've just stumbled across on Pinterest that you might want to try;

Back to it this morning, gonna start by tidying and having a clean up downstairs, then I'm going to see what I can cook using what I already have, thinking maybe simple food today, beans on toast, I also have leftover mince I can have that again.  If I had some peppers and courgette, I could pimp it up a bit, maybe I will go get those things, they are essentials after all, healthy food is worth spending on!   This is where Aldi isn't so great, it doesn't deliver, going out isn't just a case of going, I have to get my sister to come sit with mom as she really doesn't want to be alone at the moment, it makes me sad to see her lose her confidence.

But positive head on, I will have a healthy day, I have frozen peas and sweetcorn, that'll do in the mince, it doesn't have to be fresh veggies, I'll have it with squash chips, I have some of that left.   Yes, we got this, let's have a great week, Monday is always the line drawn day!  Mwah,

Luv ya

Love me xx

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