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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Back to work...

Tuesday 22nd October 2019
When someone does something wrong, don't forget all the things they've done right.

Well I unashamedly spent all afternoon yesterday watching Downton Abbey, who knew I could become an addict, before this weekend I'd never seen an episode, not my cup of tea the old period drama but after watching the Churchill film, I wondered if it would be something mom and I could enjoy together, it isn't she's tolerating it but I am 100% involved, with the storylines, the relationships, the whole lot, it has been pure escapism, I'm on series 3 already - oops!  I did do a little housework at least, gave the wet room a good scrub and did the washing ;)

Foodwise, I really am working my way through the freezer,

it was 7SP for the pot of Dahl, the lentils counted as one of my 5 a day too.   I also had the leftover mince and added tomatoes and water chestnuts.  Guilty of eating 3 malted milk and a Bourbon biscuit though, what can I say I was putting the lid back on moms tin as she had fallen asleep, they were calling me.  Speaking of sleep, it's not been a great night for her, one and off the toilet since midnight bless her and she creeps about like a small elephant that can talk and have conversations with the dog, I do have to smile to myself as I try to ignore her saying, 'You can't come with me Alfie, stay there', especially as this morning she's told me how she had a bad night but she was really quiet sneaking to the toilet and whispering to Alfie.  💗

Well I had my hair trimmed for the first time since Dec 2017 yesterday lol, mom was due for her regular trim and I asked if she could just take the dead ends off mine, I tie it up all the time anyway so it doesn't need anything else.  Bless her heart, she offered to blow dry it and then put some curls in as a treat, bit of a pamper for me, she said I deserved it which was so kind, especially as it was her day off too, I took a couple of pics to prove it could be done, as it's back in a ponytail this morning, it did make me smile though, especially as the rest of the day was a difficult one with mom, she's having hot flushes / panic attack things.  Again I'm having to smile as we spent the summer with the heating up full blast and now its colder, she's suddenly hot and we've got the windows open lol!  Anyway, look at me with my curly hair, 50 in January, omg where did that time go, been a coach 15 years on December 5th, I didn't have a grey hair when I started, look what you've all done to me 😂

now I've made ya jump with those images, let's find something to eat today, I'm really into this being frugal thing, I know it's probably a novelty and won't last but if I can do even one month and get my spending under control, it'll all help.  I was going to nip to Aldi today and buy a few bits but other than a loaf, I could get away without doing so and survive with what I have I reckon.  Okay I don't have loads of veggies but I do have a few tins and a bit of frozen, yeah I'll just get the loaf and resist a little longer, payday Friday.

I know money is important to us all but friendship more so, I'm blessed in that regard, and remember none of us are perfect, we all make mistakes sometimes, we're human and as they say to err is human, to arr is pirate 😉, made me smile anyway!

On that silly note, I'm going to go get ready for work, can't have toast for breakfast, haven't got any bread lol, I'm sure I won't start, I have lots of quinoa, rice and couscous that I need to do something
 with, need to get my cook on, cos that stuff works out cheap.

Here's to a good day, let's make it so, mwah,

luv ya

Love me x

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