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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Coke v Wine! Both Addictive!

Wednesday 16th October
Breathe darling, this is just a chapter not your whole story.

Early one again this morning, I've heard her go to the toilet probably every hour if not more frequent since about midnight and now she's downstairs and had fallen asleep in her armchair bless her.

But let's talk about food ;) This was my lunch yesterday, leftovers from the day before, I'd frozen my fish not realising how much was in the packet, so when it was defrosted I had to cook it all, mom didn't want any so I had half yesterday and half today, it was absolutely lush, it really was.  Trout, rice and cabbage - random combination I know but it worked really well and ooo my digestion system has been amazing the last couple of days thanks to the cabbage. TMI?

For my dinner I had beef stew that I'd taken from the freezer earlier in the day, I won't be freezing my stew again, it didn't taste as good as it did before it went in. 

I plan to make a chicken casserole today, nom nom, I nipped into Aldi yesterday to buy the ingredients, not gonna lie, I bought thighs, I couldn't resist, I know the casserole will taste amazing with thigh, plus at £1.79 for a packet, bargain, 5SP each, I can live with that, I can still have chicken casserole for about 12SP a portion, if I have a egg based breakfast and a light tea, then this will be within my daily allowance.  Plus I hope to get an early night to make up for lack of sleep last night. 

Aiming to up my fruit and veggie intake, we're talking about these in workshop this week so I bought a bit of veg yesterday in Aldi too, a swede so I can have swede and mash, I'll microwave the swede whole for ease, just pop the whole swede in microwave for about 20 minutes, and then cut top off and scoop middle out, perfect.  I've also been told they're delicious roasted, so maybe I'll have a go at doing it that way too, my member said she peels it then the outside caramelising as it's roasting, sounds good.  

I also made the breakfast buns using the WW raspberry and chai seed porridge, for every sachet, you mix in 1 mashed banana and 1 egg, there's two packets there and it's a mini muffin tray, made 20.  I like the idea of adding some apple, I have a can of Sainsbury's apple slices in the cupboard might make some more and use the bigger muffin cases, it's a way of getting good stuff in my mom which is almost impossible these days. 

I had a realisation last night, obviously I know how many points are in my Red Wine, I also know that full fat pop is ridiculously high in points too so I wouldn't even contemplate buying a can, but after checking my app for how many Smart Points are in a litre bottle of CocaCola, I've checked this morning how many in a litre of Red Wine and they're exactly the same 26SP, NEITHER IS ANY GOOD FOR US REALLY! Both are addictive!  I wouldn't think twice about drinking a bottle of wine!

Now the obvious difference is one is alcoholic, but I know that for me it's also a habit, not a great one either, so I'm going to make a conscious effort to cut down a bit, I use the excuse 'it helps me cope with mom' but I think I'm that used to it, it doesn't.  Plus if I'm not getting as much sleep, I need to make up for it in other ways, so heres to saving some points for more food by cutting down on wine.  

Plus it's weigh day so I get a fresh set of weeklies, woo hoo, 35SP to spend on whatever I want to spend them on and you know what, if you want to spend it on chocolate, fizzy pop, KFC, or something healthier that's your prerogative because we're all grown ups here! 

I have documents to try and find so I'm gonna get my paperwork done, then plan to turn my office upside down, ooo maybe I'll have a sort out and bin some stuff at the same time, make use of these extra hours I'm not being allowed to sleep lol.

Here's to a day of tracking and trying, mwah 

luv ya 

Love me xx 

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