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Saturday, 5 October 2019


Saturday 5th October 2019
A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.
Well I had a wonderful training session with WW yesterday, but boy was I tired when I got home, not gonna lie I was ready for bed by 4pm, but I couldn't go until mom did, we did manage to go up at 7.30pm though, which was lovely and thankfully we did because it didn't last.  Mom's had me awake since about half twelve, oh yeah, we've been watching tipping point since then as it was the only way I could calm her down and take her mind off things, she was having difficulty breathing, a bit of a panic attack I think because she was breathing okay, well as okay as she does these days but she was overthinking everything.  It's now 5am, she's totally confused as to why we're up because she's forgot about what happened 4 hours earlier, I think she's going back to bed for a sleep, whilst I get ready for work.  At least my sister should get a quiet morning and I'll be home by 11 so can chill the rest of the day and hopefully get an early night again.

Now it's common knowledge a lack of sleep can make you fat - google it, there's loads of info telling you about it, there's also lots of stuff on the importance of sleep, how to make your environment conducive to relaxation, blah blah blah, however there isn't anything telling me how to stay on track when sleep deprived.  Because yes we all WANT to sleep, but it isn't always possible is it, whether it be someone like me who's a carer, or a mother with a young baby, or even a menopausal woman who's having hot sweats and sleep issues.  What I wanted was advice on how to stay on track and survive the day ahead, not some moron telling me I need to get more sleep - I know that already!

I'm thinking, make sure I drink plenty of water to keep me hydrated.  I know it's tempting to opt for a coffee but that will just mess with my stress hormones, so I'll just have the one cup at most.  Snack smart, I know I'm going to be hungrier, I've already had two slices of toast, carbs will want to be my friend, my brain will be trying to convince me to eat myself awake, I need to resist the carb crap, available being tempted by sugar and instead veer myself towards protein rich foods and complex carbs to keep my blood sugars balanced.

I'll go and have a shower in a minute, wake me up that will, then I'll be good to go, I think she's asleep now, maybe I'll get a snooze this afternoon, if not I just need to not go off track, I'm already hormonal so it's going to be a real challenge lol.  Hey ho, this is all part of being a grown up isn't it.

Hopefully you've had a better night and you're looking forward to your day ahead, we've got this!

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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