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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Budget Bev! Wish me luck!

Thursday 10th October 2019
If you avoid the conflict to keep the peace,  you start a war inside yourself.

Yay, early morning wake up call at 3am this morning, just what I needed before my longest working day of the week, water at the ready, eyes drops and a we can survive smile, good to go here.  Moms got her, 'let's talk to Bev like she's my servant' voice on - that's fun - NOT!   Sorting her bedroom drawers out at half 3, that's when I realised I wasn't going to be getting any more sleep than I'd already had lol.  I'd feel sorry for myself but I get to go to work, it's one thing having to sit in your own house not being able to go anywhere or do anything, it's quite another when you're having to sit in someone else's house, which is what my sister is going to have to do whilst I'm at work ;( that can't be any fun at all can it.

So to help my stress this month, I'm setting myself a challenge, I'm aware that I've been overusing my credit card lately, spending makes me happy, a bit like eating, but it also leads me into debt and I've been there, done that, didn't like it.  My challenge is, my credit card month starts on the 10th, so from today, I'm not going to use my card for a month, I'm also going to budget the cash I spend and the only spending I'm going to do is in Aldi and only what I need.  I'm going to have a cheapo month, make use of what's in the cupboard and freezer, hopefully it'll help my weight loss too, can't eat it if it isn't there can I!

I made a delicious corned beef hash yesterday, cubed my spuds and parboiled them before frying, I think if I did it again, I'd maybe roast them in the oven.  Fried some onions, added the cubed corned beef and some sweetcorn, it was really yummy, had it with some broccoli spears that I'd bought Monday before last from Aldi and it was still ok to eat, plus there's enough for today and a portion has gone in the freezer for later in the month.  Yeah, budget Bev is getting her thing on!  I want to get my food bill down, Aldi has shown me I can do that.  With everything that's going on with mom, learning to live on less can only be a good thing as I don't know what the future holds, she's not getting any better and it won't get any easier will it.

I'm thinking gammon, mash and veg today, I still have those two rounds in the fridge, then I can have the other corned beef hash for my tea when I get home.

Right I'm going to make the most of being awake this early and get my paperwork done, I might even fit in half hour of crochet, sit with mom for a bit to try calm her down. Here's to surviving the day on track, we got this.

Luv ya, mwah

Love me xx

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