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Friday, 4 October 2019

Liar, Liar, pants on fire!

Friday 4th October 2019
Let the past make you better not bitter.

Busy morning but looking forward to seeing folk at our training session, yesterday was a good day too, love my workshops when they go off in their own direction.   Yesterday we talked about the whole parenting yourself like I wrote about in yesterday's blog but I also asked members about the lies we tell ourselves and as we chatted, I told them about the sherry I'd bought and I stood there and said, 'I'll text my sister and tell her to take it home with her', then I laughed and admitted that I'd just lied to them all, I knew I wouldn't, but after we all laughed, I actually realised as much as I hadn't really meant it, it was what I did want to do because I knew it wouldn't help my weight loss journey drinking it, so I sent that message and she did take it away, so there's loads of Smart Points I've saved.  I also buy certain foods on occasion when shopping telling myself they're for mom, when I know damn well deep down, it's because I like them too and I'll end up eating some of them. 

What are your lies?  Here's a few suggestions, 

I'll start tomorrow / Monday / The first of the month / Once this stressful time is over?  

Commitment is hard!  We want to do this, but we also want to over eat, or we may not see it as overeating, that Friday Night treat, whether it be a curry, something from the Chinese or a Pizza or that cake at the McMillan Coffee morning, we want it!  And you can have those  treats as long as you're eating healthy the rest of the time, but have you noticed the damn portion sizes of these things these days, a 'slab' of cake, it used to be a slither or a slice, the last time I weighed a chow mien from a takeaway it weighed 666g (sign of the devil should say plenty), I once weighed a bag of chips from the fish & chip shop and it was 2.5kg - that's ridiculous and seriously, ridiculously too much food for 1 or even 2 people.  Instead of saying let's lose weight, commit to healthy living, it's a way of life not something you start and stop when you feel like it.  If you get the balance, weight loss will be the side effect.  
along the way if you eat healthy most of the time. Commit to healthy living and give dieting the boot. Think of it as a way of life instead of something that has a start and end date.
I'll just have one...that won't hurt
More like one hundred lol, but yes having one won't hurt, but there's not many of us that can stop at just one, and how many times will you have one, if you have a Malteser every half hour, that adds up to a damn big bag over the day, everything has calories in, even the zero stuff.  We were talking about spray oil in my FB group yesterday, not the spray light stuff but the normal oil in a pump action container, apparently you can have 8 pumps for zero, but if you do that every morning as you fry your egg, over a week thats, 7 x 8 pumps (you do the math), it adds up and before you know it, you've probably had 2 or 3 tablespoons of oil -  it's 56 pumps by the way.  I could even put 8 pumps in one pan for frying my sausage and then LIE to myself and put 8 pumps to fry my egg, 8 pumps are zero after all.  
Everyone else can eat what they want - it's not fair 
Suck it up buttercup, you're not everybody else!  If you want to lose weight, you have to make some uncomfortable decisions, but look at the rewards that come from those decisions.  And trust me, everyone else cannot eat what they want, if you look around the table in the restaurant, those people overeating have either compensated beforehand by making wiser food choices, or they too have a weight problem, we can hide our eating behaviour but our body can't! 
It's only a bite of the kids plate - that doesn't count.
Hear my now momma, if you're finishing the kids crusts, those last few chips, ooo a couple of Haribo's in the bag they discarded, they're gonna add up, they will stop you losing weight over time.  'But it's a waste of food' (oh there's another lie), where's the waste bin, in the corner or in your tummy?  It'll be a waste when you can't get your fat pants on and you have to go shopping to buy more! 
I deserve a treat, I've had a hard week / bad day / fill in the blank yourself 
Don't treat yourself with food, you're not a dog!  There's other things you can treat yourself to, other ways to relieve the stresses of the week, think about what else you enjoy doing.  Food treats joking aside, should be exactly that a treat occasionally.  When we eat because we're stressed it never ends well and we don't feel better afterwards thus adding to our stress. 
I've blown it now, I may as well carry on.
ERM really!  We both know that's a lie, so I don't really have to say anything more.  That's probably followed by the lie I'll get back on it tomorrow - yeah right, course you will! 
Diet foods is too expensive.
Erm no it isn't, what's expensive is having to buy new clothes every time you go up a size.  And trust me an apple is no more expensive than a chocolate bar.  
It's a diet chocolate bar, it's fine.
Again, still got calories in, not really any such thing as diet chocolate, it's just smaller and you'll probably eat 2 or 3 of them. 
I could go on and on but I've got to get washed and dressed for my drive to Stoke, so I'll leave you with the question 'what are the lies I tell myself', that'll keep you amused all day, only if you're honest with yourself though, is your 'small portion' really enough to feed a family of four?  I've even lied in my food photos, took the pic, then added more food or gone back for more!  Yeah we all tell lies, but if we start to admit them, it'll help our journey!
Luv u though, mwah 

Love me xx

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