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Thursday, 3 October 2019

No! Because I said so!

Thursday 3rd October 2019
Once in a while blow your own damn mind.

After a dentist appointment for a filling, followed by a half hour work call in my car, I got on the scales to be told I gained 1/2lb yesterday morning, was I impressed - not one little bit.   I quietly sulked about it all day, I actually probably didn't snap out of it till I'd started weighing my own members on the night and was reminded of some of the things I say to them when they step on my scales.  I could've continued to sulk, decided to feed my face and give up on this weight loss lark but I'm not going to do that of course.  Because my WW journey it isn’t just about the numbers on the scale, it's so much more, I feel healthier, I’ve drunk lots of water this week, my aches & pains have lessened and I feel good once I'd stopped sulking, so I had an healthy tea, 

I had chicken, veg and onion gravy, the chicken had been cooked in the slow cooker, I usually just put it in on it's own with nothing else but I had a packet of frozen diced onions so I put them in the slow cooker first and plonked the chicken on top, put it on low and left it all day (11 hours actually, I've never really left it that long, I forgot it was on, I usually cook on high for about 4 hours), when I got home last night, it fell apart, it always looks anaemic but it's succulent, and with all the liquid that had come out the chicken into the onions, I added some gravy granules and made onion gravy, nom nom. 

Those Aldi cheese and bacon topped potato skins are good too at 3SP each; 

I ended up buying that book I mentioned yesterday, its given me a couple of things to think about, but nothing mind blowing, one thing she did mention which stuck though was 'Parent yourself', I like the idea of this.  Think about it, if you wouldn't let your child eat it, then don't let yourself.  You wouldn't let them sit and stuff a full packet of biscuits/pringles/cake whatever at night before bedtime so don't let yourself!  It's time we all put our big girl (boy) pants on and behaved like grown ups ain't it?  How many times have you said to a kid, "NO, because I said so!' well start saying it to yourself!  It's a good question to start asking yourself, 'would you allow your child to.....' fill in as necessary, depending on whether it's food or behaviour related.  It might not be what you're eating, it might be how your talking to yourself in the mirror or beating yourself up over your behaviour, ask yourself 'what would you say to a child'.

Well I've been awake since 3.30am, thankfully went to bed around 9ish, mom was talking to herself, giving me a running commentary on what was happening in the bathroom.  I don't think she realises anymore that others can hear her, that she might be waking me up, she's just in her own little world, but sometimes she's scared in that little world, like this morning she couldn't find the light switch, I'll sort a night light out for the landing today, that should help.  

Have you noticed when it's for someone else we all go that little bit further, I'd do anything for my mom, you'd probably do anything for a loved one too, but what about you, what are you doing for you?  I'm taking this self-care super seriously because it's making me feel so much better.  My skin care routine is going good so far, I haven't forgotten once, I've been upstairs and thought, oops need to go down and do that face stuff, which is also reminding me to clean my teeth at night (I know I should automatically do that anyway, but I do forget, well I did, not anymore, I don't want any more fillings thank you very much, although I didn't feel the needle at all - phew), anyway I'm seeing a difference in my skin and I love the way it feels.  Taking care of my outside, is reminding me that I also want to take care of my inside too. 

I have cooked chicken ready to through in something today, I also have beansprouts that need using so I'm thinking some kind of stir fry, maybe add some hoisin or teriyaki sauce, get a bit Chinese, nom nom.  I need to think about working, I'm out at training tomorrow so need to get myself sorted, I won't make the mistake of leaving mom an Aldi cheese sandwich this time, that she won't eat but I will when I get back, nope, I'll ask my sister to offer to make her something if she wants it. 

Here's to being organised, here's to #OnItOctober - you with me? 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx 

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