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Friday, 8 December 2017

Yay, it's Friday!

8th December 2017
When you’re happy you enjoy the music, when you’re sad you understand the lyrics.

Day 2 of my self-care challenge – fill in diary, set time aside for yourself.  I’ve already started by having an hour to myself this morning, I woke up at ridiculously silly o’clock, oh yeah I’m talking 3am and after lying there attempting to go back to sleep for half hour, I gave up.  Instead of getting up and starting my day though, I grabbed my wool and a crochet hook and started on a granny square.  I’ve never been able to crochet, it’s always stumped me, give me knitting needles and I’m away, I actually rather good at knitting but it hurts my hands and wrists too much these days so earlier this week I decided I was going to master crocheting.  I’ve just completed granny square number 6, they’re only little (4 rounds if you’re in the know) but I’m feeling rather pleased with myself.  Patience and persistence has paid off, Wednesday when I did my first one, it took me ages, I pulled back a lot!  I’m now at the point where I can do a square without looking at any instructions, so this will know me my winter nights project, hopefully by the time summer arrives, the weather heats up and I don’t need it, I’ll have a blanket!  Doing this will mean I am setting aside time for myself, time to turn off and zone out of ‘life’ and something I’ll enjoy doing.

I stuck to day 1 of my challenge by eating not one but three healthy meals, I had a chicken breast sausage sarnie for breakfast, egg and beans on toast for lunch and beef in onion gravy with mash and carrots for tea.  Finally a good on track day!  I’ve even started my morning with my pint of water.

Just realised I have got quite a bit to do today but I’m still going to find time to make a delicous meal, I’ve had a tube of chicken sausage meat stuffing off Penn Road Butchers, I’m going to make chicken meatballs and have them in a creamy garlic mushroom sauce, probably on pasta with edamame beans, mmm.  I might make a curried lentil bake too if I get the time.  Need to do some of that work that pays my bills first though.

We had a bit of snow in the night but I think it’s almost gone – that’s the kind I like, not a fan of the white stuff, I know it’s forecast throughout the day but I’m hoping it misses us or is that wet snow that doesn’t stick – oh I’m talking about the weather, how very British!

Right I’m off to start my day, it’s half five, I’ve been up two hours already and it’s time for a big mug of tea. 

Let’s make Friday fabulous shall we BeYOUtiful? 

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