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Thursday, 21 December 2017

It's the final countdown...

21st December 2017
A BeYOUtiful thing is never perfect, and we were born to be real not perfect.

Well I had a very lovely day yesterday, busy but lovely.  The shopping trip didn’t go so well though, everything we wanted to buy for Christmas day or after had use by dates for 21st/22nd December so we’ll be going back on Friday morning to try again, not good but hey ho.

I had a cracking carvery lunch at Berrybrook farm, it beat me too, I couldn’t eat the last bit of turkey, it also made me realise I’m not that bothered about having turkey for Christmas dinner, I think we’re going to go with the egg and chips mom prefers, the we won’t be so stuffed that I can’t nibble on goodies, yeah that sounds like a plan to me, I can have a roast dinner any day of the week, we’ll put sprouts with the chips.

Last night was great, my first (and probably last as I’m no longer Mentor Champ) trainee Beth did her final assessment in my first meeting and Susan (my member) did her final assessment in her second meeting.  They both passed I’m pleased to say and I got to spend my meetings chatting with my members, which was lovely.

7 more meetings to go before I get a week off, the first this year, I’m truly looking forward to chilling out and having some time out, I love my meetings but I will enjoy not having to rush anywhere.

I’m going to spend that time doing some food planning, the new Weight Watcher Flex Cookbook for January arrived yesterday, I shall be looking through that and making a list of things to cook.  Gonna get me a journal and get myself sorted. 

I was quite envious of all those weight loss success stories I’ve been hearing in my meetings this week, I want me some of that and now I’m getting the balance back in my life I’ll be having my share of success.

When looking at all the nice food in M&S yesterday (I’m going posh for Christmas) I wasn’t drooling like I would’ve at one time, I looked at the pork pies and sausage rolls and the first thought that came to mind was ‘heartburn hell’ and decided I won’t bother with them at all.  I did buy a Chinese meal deal 2 mains and 2 sides for £10, but I had the one side for my tea last night, it was 10sp for 4 small spare ribs in a sticky sauce.  It really gives some perspective on the portions you get from a takeaway!  I have treated us to cauliflower cheese, I haven’t pointed it yet but I know it’ll be high, that’s gonna be our lunch today or tomorrow I think depending on the dates, I’ve got to eat the couple of things I bought in date order, annoying as that is.

So what is my favourite food?  You know it’s the stuff I already eat, the eggs, the chicken, the salmon, yeah I like the odd pizza or chow mein, throw in a Maccy D now and again but I actually do enjoy the food I eat, there’s nothing better than a big plate of veggies or scrambled eggs on toast, you just can’t beat a bowl of beef stew, a chicken casserole, mmm corned beef hash, might need to do that over the break. 

Oh and just looking through my recipes I found this one a lady made me once, I remember thinking Tuna Curry – are you mad, but it worked, it really did.

Tuna Curry
Serves 4, 3sp per serving.

3 cans of tuna in spring water or brine (drained weight 390g total)
1 onion
1 can of cream of mushroom soup (Heinz = 7sp)
2tsp curry powder (1sp)

Fry onions in a little water until soft. Add curry powder and stir. Add soup mix and tuna and stir thoroughly and simmer until 5 minutes. Serve warm.

For extra points serve with rice, 60g dried = 6sp (weighs 160g cooked)
Right that’s my lot, I’m off, enjoy your day, 4 sleeps left, 5 sleeps and it’ll all be over, remember that when you’re thinking about going mental with the overeating, come the 27th or the next time you step on the scales, you won’t wanna be crying at the results because you’d spent so long losing it all.  Ho Ho Ho BeYOUtiful, keep Christmas real!

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