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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

20 more sleeps...

5th December 2017
Everything in moderation, including moderation.
I’ve had a menopausal kind of night, I’m not sure of the actual temperature because I was too busy with night sweats and hot flushes, I’ve got lovely tiled downstairs floors though so I don’t care about anything else ;)   I enjoyed putting the rooms back together yesterday, won’t lie there’s still some stuff to sort, it’s in our bedrooms, but I’ll get to it, we were enjoying being in tidiness rather than clutter and chaos for a change.

I didn’t track and point yesterday either, I’m not going to lie, I had this beef joint instead;

It was bought for Sunday but obviously I couldn’t get in the kitchen on Sunday so I cooked it yesterday for me, my bestie and Alfie of course but go figure, he didn’t want any!  The slow cooker chicken will be todays dinner, all I did there was throw some garlic cloves and a tin of chicken soup in with chicken breasts, it’ll be nice with mash and peas for dinner.

I’ve had my first floor tile related injury already, I usually lean the big heavy walnut chopping board up against the kitchen cupboard to dry, but it slid down and landed on my foot – ouch – I won’t do that again.  Tidy bruise though, don’t think I broke anything luckily.

20 more sleeps to Christmas day, before you know it, it’ll be here and gone and we’ll be starting another new year, then it’ll be my 48th Birthday and I’ll only be a couple of years away from 50!  Wow, where have all those years gone, that’s eye-opening for sure.  I’m happy to say there’s nothing on my to-do list that I wished I’d done, my bucket list is all ticked off, are yours?   There isn’t even anything I want for Christmas, I’m happy and blessed.

My members went above and beyond again though to make others Christmas’s happy this year, we raised £746 for Yum Tums half term lunch club, plus all the gifts they donated and turkeys from Penn Road butchers!  Christmas is a time for loving and giving not just eating and drinking and getting folks, remember that.

I’ve just realised I haven’t had an egg for days!  Oh I know what I’m having for breakfast now, dry fried or scrambled, decisions, decisions.

Oh you’ve lost me now, I’m just thinking about eggs, so I’ve got a lot to do before I go to work, catch ya tomorrow BeYOUtiful, here’s to tracking Tuesday, I will if you do!

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