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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Don't forget what causes your pain

12th December 2017
Whatever you do never go back to what’s causing you pain.
If you think about that quote, it’s relevant from a Weight Watcher point of view too, so many members join because being overweight is causing them physical or emotional pain and yet at this time of the year when all that temptation is about, we start to forget.  Let’s not forget completely.

I have a lovely head cold, one of those that gets worse as it heads towards evening, comes with a free sinus headache, you know the kind, to make it worse, if the rooms are warm the headache hurts even more and my sinuses get even more blocked, so I turned the heating off because I was hot too, then released mom wasn’t warm at all!  DOH!

Oh a positive, I give the kitchen and bathroom a good clean yesterday and watched another two Christmas movies!  Oh and I had my hot bath to try and clear my nose – it failed.  Today’s Self-Care challenge is to “Tuesday 12th – Colour or craft in some way.”  That’s easy as I’m crocheting since learning last Wednesday, I’m just doing a simple granny square pattern but instead of lots of squares, I’m going round and round and making one big one because I don’t really want to think about it, I just want to do it and I’m learning so I want to improve not overthink.  It’ll be my wonky winter warming TV banket when it’s finished.

Well I’m looking out the winter and thinking yak, it’ll take a while for the car to defrost this morning, I’d say it’s pretty cold out there this morning, I’m so thankful for a short journey.  I don’t expect many but those that do turn out can have a hot cuppa.

I’ve not got much of an appetite (I know I must be ill!) but I did enjoy Brain’s faggots, mash, sprouts and peas yesterday. I’m definitely not going shopping until all the frozen stuff has been used up, then I can fill it with food for my Christmas break so I don’t have to venture out.  Might need to buy niceness and I don’t mean naughtiness, I mean really good healthy, tasty food to tempt my tastebuds.  Yeah I’m not 100% cos that’s not even getting me interested, all I want right now is another bottle of Night Nurse from the chemist!

Comfort food, that’s what it’s all about in this weather for sure, I need soup today I think, there’s a couple of tins in the cupboard, I know I should make my own zero stuff but I just don’t have the ingredients or the energy, although curried lentil I may have the stuff for.  I was about to look for a recipe but when I get back from meeting, I’m just gonna throw some onions, lentils and curry paste in a frying pan and see what happens because I’m not going to buy more food to make food when the freezer and cupboards are full.

If I realised on thing (AGAIN) yesterday it was that I need to turn my phone off, not just to silent because I can still bloomin see the messages coming through when it’s turned on, I’m definitely going to do that over Christmas, I want some time out – completely out not just at home.

Anyway I’m waffling because I’m putting off getting ready for work, here’s to staying safe and taking care BeYOUtiful. Xx

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