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Monday, 18 December 2017

This time next week...

18th December 2017
May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.

Woke up this morning by a loud bang, it was a large box falling off my desk, that’ll teach me to sort my office out won’t it.  Anyways I’m awake and mom says I sound a bit better than I did yesterday so hopefully I’ll sound even better tomorrow after another day of rest.  Then I have 12 meetings before Christmas, two of which are being done by my two trainees as their final assessments – exciting stuff.

I did manage to cook a dinner yesterday and that was all I ate all day so I must be poorly!  Actually no I remember eating a crumpet for breakfast, and a Jacobs cracker for tea, even wine don’t taste that good!  None of that’s helping my weight loss though, I’ve just got on and it wasn’t pretty, I’m going to ignore it this week and put it down to being poorly!  This seriously needs to do one now, Chris Evans is still off from work on Radio 2, he has it as well, and we both caught it off one of his guests I reckon.

Damage limitation till Saturday 30th December when my Christmas break will be over and I will be Flexing it to the fullest along with my members.  I usually use being busy in January and having my birthday as an excuse to put it off till February but not next year, 2018 is going to be a getting slimmer year.  I’ve got the eating healthy sussed, there’s just too much of the healthy food being consumed still, sprinkled with the not so healthy too.

I reckon by New Year’s day there will only be healthy foods in my kitchen, apart from the Co-op roast turkey meal deal I bought yesterday, I’ve been using up all the food in the house rather than buy stuff and now I have that, I’ve got everything I need other than a Turkey for a Christmas dinner if I decide to let Aunt Bessie help me! There’s only 2 of us, do I bother with a turkey or have a chicken, or shall we have egg and chips which is actually mom’s absolute favourite meal.  We can decide on the day, I’ll have both in ready.  I will buy a few bits of niceness but I mean a few and they’ll be gone by New Year, we won’t be having tins of roses in our house.  I’ve not bought anyone diabetes for Christmas this year.

I’ve not bought many things at all, I’m still sat at my computer trying to find gifts, leaving it a bit late that for sure!  It’ll all be good in the end, I’m ever the optimist!

We’re both getting our hair cut today so that’ll make us feel better, I look a bit of a mess to be honest but at least my hair will look good even if I’m a bit rough still.  

Anyway I’m just typing for the sake of typing, I’m gonna go make eggs for breakfast as they need using today, get me another mug of tea and start the week with as much enthusiasm as I can muster, here’s hoping it’s all gone away before I break up, I do not want to be ill over my Christmas break.

Here’s to a cracking good Monday, this time next week it’ll be Christmas Day – WOW!  Exciting ain’t it BeYOUtiful!

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