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Thursday, 7 December 2017

I hate everything - well yesterday morning I did anyway!

7th December 2017
Make your heart the most beautiful thing about you.

Morning, 5.15am, cold, dark and the wind outside has meant for a night of broken sleep, oh how I love this most wonderful time of the year – NOT!  I’m good really, I wasn’t yesterday morning, I proper threw my dummy out of the pram, I was trying to have an hour for myself to learn how to crochet and the dumb dog wouldn’t leave me alone, I’d just made myself a cuppa too, so I got all dramatic and balled and shouted and stomped out of the house in a big huff.  It was mostly down to hormones but partly down to the fact the last 6 months have been ridiculously busy in my world and I’m ready to slow down.  I think winter is a great time to do that too because the weather is so yucky you don’t really want to go outdoors and do anything.

Yesterday lunch was all about the comfort food, mash and gravy, I did add carrots and chicken to healthy it up.  We’re having a sausage sarnie for breakfast this morning, I’m using pure chicken breast sausage and smaller slices of bread to healthy that up.  I still want these foods, I’ll just healthy them up, I’ll get my Flex on!

When I was looking on Pinterest earlier to find an image for my blog I came across a 30 day Self Care challenge and thought to myself, I like this idea, but there aren’t 30 days left in December, plus I didn’t like all the challenges so I’m going to do these ones because I do need to take some time for me and start taking care of myself again.  Stepping down from the Mentor Champ role means I’lve got a bit of time back, so lets use that time wisely. 

Today – Eat something healthy (that’s an easy one)
Friday 8th – Fill in diary, set time aside for yourself.
Saturday 9th – Meet up with friends
Sunday 10th – Take a relaxing bath/shower
Monday 11th - Catch up on a show you enjoy
Tuesday 12th – Colour or craft in some way.
Wednesday 13th – Clean a room in your house
Thursday 14th – Make a list of your favourite things
Friday 15th – Do your laundry, fold it up and put it away.
Saturday 16th – Read something that makes you happy.
Sunday 17th – Make a happy music list
Monday 18th – Do something outside
Tuesday 19th – Plan something to look forwad to
Wednesday 20th – Talk to someone about how you’re feeling
Thursday 21st – Write a list of as many positive things about yourself as you can.
Friday 22nd – Drink plenty of water
Saturday 23rd – Make a list of your accomplishments
Sunday 24th – Chill out and watch tv
Monday 25th – Enjoy Christmas day, cook dinner & relax
Tuesday 26th – Relax even more, get your cook on.
Wednesday 27th – Wear something that makes you feel good
Thursday 28th – Tell someone you appreciate them
Friday 29th – Tidy your house
Saturday 30th – Catch up with someone
Saturday 31st – Enjoy the last day of the year with loved ones.
Sunday 1st – Rest ready for the onslaught of January!

Feel free to join me on my Self-Care challenge!  What’s really scary about that list is realising how few days there are left in this year!   We better make the most of them, starting today, eat something healthy – sorted I’ve got lean beef and onions in my slow cooker, will have that with carrots and mash for dinner, then for tea eggs on crumpets maybe, we shall see, it’ll be quick and easy whatever I opt for!

But first a big mug of tea, undisturbed before anyone else in the house wakes up, I do love this first hour to myself, although as soon as I go downstairs my ‘not my cat’ will be stood staring through the glass door saying “feed me and give me a cuddle!” See what I realise when I throw my toys out of the pram is I’m moaning about having to do everything for everyone but then I realise all the love in my life comes from the ‘everyone’ so yes Alfie does my absolute nut in but he also brings a lot of love and joy into my life, the poor dog looked at me yesterday as if to say, “what’s your problem, you take me for a walk every day, why are you being so dramatic about it all today?”  He had a point really didn’t he?

With that I’ll bid you a good day, if you have times when you’re a bit like I was yesterday, remind yourself, it’s a bad day not a bad life, our emotions can be powerful, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  My mate Julie asked me last night if I’d thought about going to the doctors about my menopause systems, I said nah, I enjoy being angry!  Joking aside, it does me good, I shout, I get it all out, if I bottled that up I’d explode or even worse implode, that’s where depression starts for some, I refuse to hold it in, if I’m not feeling good, I’ll share, everyone in my street must have heard me scream “I hate my life” yesterday, I don’t by the way, I just hated yesterday, today I love my little word and I will take the nightmare that is Alfie for a walk when I get back from work.

Here’s to a tranquil Thursday – yeah right!

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