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Friday, 29 December 2017

Do you intend to make changes?

29th December 2017
If it costs your peace it’s too expensive
A year can do a lot for a person, I’ve only got to look at my ‘on this day’ photos on Facebook to realise how different things were in this house even a year ago.  Mom was still walking the dog, she hasn’t done that this year at all which makes me sad.  Our lives can change in the blink of an eye and we don’t always know it’s coming, we can’t always control it and that’s life.  We can however do deliberate things to make changes we want because living in the ‘what if’ isn’t the best way to live. Nothing is permanent, no matter how good or bad a situation is, it will change, everything changes.

What changes in your life would you like to have some influence in?  Not necessary resolutions because I think we all expect those to fail, what would you like to influence in your life, what are your intentions for 2018.

One of mine I mentioned yesterday, I intend to continue to be a starter because I love that feeling of enthusiasm, plus when I do finish something that feels so good, I’m 2 rows of crochet of finishing the mish mash that is mine and Alfies new snuggle blanket, although he has claimed it for himself!  I’ve sewed together every piece of unfinished leftover knitting and crochet I’ve done in the last few years and I have quite a large blanket and I love it, because if I were a blanket - it’s me, a medium sized scruffy, disorganised, colourful mess – perfect!  

Anyway back to my intentions.  I also intend to continue to do my housework as often as I can bring myself too, so I’d said I was going to go through the house Wednesday – I lied, I did however do the living room, hall and half the kitchen yesterday, the floors were done ready for my steam mop that was supposed to arrive today but came yesterday (it’s still in the box). I’m not going to commit to cleaning my house on such and such a day of each week because I know that will never happen, but I do intend to clean and tidy it before it becomes an embarrassment if we have visitors (thankfully I’m not easily embarrassed).

Next I intend to eat a bit of junk every now and again because I enjoy it at the time and afterwards it reminds me that it’s not all that after all and I’m not really missing out by eating healthily the majority of the time.  I was going to suggest a takeaway or fast food once a month but I’m not putting a time frame on it, I’ll have a bit of something when I feel the need as sometimes I can go for months without wanting any.

Of course I intend to lose some weight, I bought a shirt in the summer I haven’t worn yet because it didn’t quite fit me when I bought it but I was going to lose a few pounds and it would’ve done, now that few pounds is half stone, so here goes a stone by summer, I’d like to be as close to the lower end of the stone below than I am now.  It’ll be a gain (obviously) on the scales Saturday when I get on to check my ‘Christmas gain’ and start my weight loss journey yet again.  Yeah don’t they say summer bodies are made in winter (I always want to poke the person who come up with that in the eye when I read it, but that says more about me than them).

Any other intentions?  I intend to remind myself that I love most of my life, most of the time and to help me remember that, I’m going to use my Dawn French diary each night to write something from that day that’s made me smile, happy or grateful for my life.  I don’t need a diary for appointments, I have my phone and very few appointments.

Any other intentions?  I do intend to crochet myself that snuggly blanket, actually I think I’m going to have two on the go at once, I’m still in thought, have 3 days left before I start.

Lastly I intend to try my best to not let my hormones stop me from seeing the good in every day, I intend to continue to cope with my mom’s Alzheimers/Vascular Dementia the best I can with as much humour as possible.  These intentions are truly the most difficult so they must be the most necessary.  Yesterday whilst chatting I realised that mom being a bloody nightmare (and she is, it’s like she has a complete personality transplant) every night is most likely to be what they call ‘sundowning’, now I know what the cause is I can cope with it better.

Right I have a busy morning, I need to work out that mop, I have my windows being measured for curtains and my kitchen man coming to do a little more, we’re nearly there will it be done before the new year, I’d love that.  Oh there’s another intention, to make delicious food in my lovely new kitchen and enjoy every mouthful.

For now though, I’ll go make a cuppa in it instead.  Here’s to a fabulous Friday, I’m going to mostly be eating cheese today I think, because I’m still on my holiday, I might have a cheese and bacon sarnie for brekkie – because I can!

Happy days BeYOUtiful. x

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