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Sunday, 24 December 2017

My hearts full of love

24th December 2017
The most wonderful places to be in the world: in someone’s thoughts, someone’s prayers and someone’s heart.
Yesterday was a wonderful day, my morning meeting epitomises everything that makes being a Weight Watcher coach great.  Such an emotional morning without going into too much detail because what happens in a WW meeting stays in a WW meeting, but to say there were happy tears is an understatement, I’d just stopped blubbing from one conversation when another member started me off again.  As if it could get any better I even came home with lots of lovely gifts and a real feeling of being appreciated and loved and that’s what’s most important.  Knowing I make a difference by being me is truly special.

Next I went for my massage, new management at the Chi Rooms and I won’t lie I was dreading it, what if I didn’t like her and her techniques, where would I go then.  It turned out she was dreading it as much as I was, but it was all good and I’ve booked for next week.  I’d recommend her, so if you’re after a massage or some beauty treatment, give her a go, and support your local businesses.  https://www.facebook.com/The-Chi-Rooms-329387747084510/

We had visitors too, my brother and niece popped in for an hour, then my bestie turned up and we had rather a relaxed evening with a few drinks before both needed sleep before ten, now she’s a postie we are on a level with sleep patterns.

Keeping it short this morning because I want to get started with Christmas Eve, I’m gonna be busy doing nothing, I will tidy the kitchen and that’s all, it’s going to be a typical lazy Sunday in the Longsden house, the first of a good few chilling out with mom and enjoying time out.  

Thank you all for coming into my life even if it’s only virtually, thank you for making me smile regularly, thank you for making me happy.  Here’s to those that inspire us and don’t even know.  Thank you all for your part in my journey.

Happy Christmas Eve BeYOUtiful go give someone you love a cuddle.

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