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Monday, 4 December 2017

Oh Deer!

4th December 2017
You are always responsible for how you act, no matter how you feel.  Remember that.

“Are you alright little man?”  Those were the words that woke me at 5am this morning, mom then had a full blown conversation with Alfie so I decided to get up, did the bathroom and asked mom, “Are you awake”, yes was the reply followed by another yes when I offered her a cup of tea.  Off I went downstairs, fed the not my cat, looked at my lovely new tile floor and came back up with a mug of tea, yep she’s gone back to sleep!

Yesterday was a long day for her though, workmen were downstairs until gone 7pm so we were trapped upstairs. They did work hard and it looks fantastic, I’m seriously pleased with it, and the kitchen is now almost complete, the last unit came be done now and I have an awesome kitchen for Christmas – happy me.  I’m feeling the living room needs new curtains though as well as painting but there’s no rush for that, we’re home improvements overloaded for now I reckon.

My diet has gone to pot, what with the Christmas buffet Saturday and the KFC yesterday (I had to feed those hardworking boys!), it was incredibly ugly on those scales this morning, 5lb on ugly!  I’m praying that’s jelly fat and I can get it off before it sets!  Just goes to show how much damage can be done in the month of December if we decide to give up and start again in January!  I’m back on it today, healthy all the way.

Temptation!  It really does make weight loss difficult and at this time of year, it’s everywhere, we talked about coping in the meetings last week and I didn’t.  So here are a few tips I need to take onboard myself;

-       Remove the temptation – You can’t eat what isn’t there, that’s why the last bit of cold KFC is going out to the cats this morning!

-       Keep your energy levels up – self-control requires energy, so make sure you get a good night’s sleep and enjoy a healthy diet.  Don’t skip meals at this time of year, it’s lethal.

-       Set small specific goals – focus on what you want to acheve, keep it realistic and that’ll help you stay in control, especially if you remind yourself of how far you’ve come.

-       If it all goes to pot, give yourself a break, I’m not sat here crying over my gain, I’m planning how to get it back off.  Step 1, remove all the crap left hanging about, Step 2, Have a healthy breakfast, Step 3, Get a healthy dinner in the slow cooker because I’ve got a crazy busy day.

Starting with trying to put the living room back together, the wires on the tv/sky/video etc are terrifying to look at, let alone put back together.  I’m trying to stay off Facebook because mom and I want to watch the XFactor final together and it would be nice if I don’t know the winner beforehand.   Once the house has been put back together, I’ve got to do a stock take for work, I was meant to do it Saturday but I was at work all day, plus there were workmen in my house all weekend so I couldn’t even get to the stock.  I’ll get it done today though, it’s all good.

Better get started hadn’t I, I may even put my phone on silent so I can actually get stuff done uninterrupted. 

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, make Monday matter.

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