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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Bit of a boring blog

19th December 2017
Tis the season to sparkle!
Well I feel almost human again, my voice isn’t 100% and I’m still a bit bunged up but compared to this time last week, I’m almost feel like a super hero. 

6 more sleeps!  Can you believe it, I love that Christmas Eve is a Sunday too, so the majority of people who would be at work will get to enjoy spending more time with their family.  I had to smile at myself yesterday when I realised I’ve spent all this time talking about how great Penn Road butchers is but I haven’t thought to order me a turkey or anything from him yet.  I think I’ll give him a shout today see what he has, if any of you are as disorganised as me, here’s his info.
248 Penn Road
WV4 5 Wolverhampton
01902 337472

I’ll go shopping in the morning for everything else, I know a turkey will be too big but it doesn’t seem right not to have one and I don’t want a crown, I want one with legs and wings, like a turkey should be.

Talking of food, I had the most amazing scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast yesterday, I haven’t really tasted much of anything this last week (including wine!) and yesterday I did and I cooked them to perfection, so good. 

You won’t have noticed but I just got distracted by curtain material, I really don’t have time for that this morning, I have work to get too, it’s way too easy to get carried away on the internet.  I’ve never been a fan of buying curtains, either I don’t like them or they are the wrong size but I’ve found myself a curtain maker so I can have a pair that I like and that fit, now to find the material…

Ready meals today, then the freezer will only be full of stuff that’s relevant to Christmas, I have Aunt Bessie as back-up in case I’m not in the mood to cook from scratch, although I have to say the McCains roasters in the Co-op meal deal were a bit too greasy, I’m obviously healthier than I thought I was lately.  I’ve been fancying toad in the hole lately, I’m thinking I could use Aunt Bessie Yorkies and Penn Road sausage meat and it would be the same kind of thing, plus I already have those things, I don’t already have flour.  I’m being frugal, I’m a bit skint after all the work I’ve had done on my house this year, so if you usually get a Christmas gift from me, don’t hold your breath and if you do get something, it will be much smaller than usual, partly because I’m skint and also because I’ve been so unprepared, who made it less than a week to Christmas, when did that happen – I’m so not ready at all! 

Waffling ain’t I this morning, I have a feeling my meetings will also be a bit random today, they’re the best kind though to be honest, here’s to a random week I say, random conversations, random meals, who wants normal and obvious all the time, not me.

Right I’m off, I have clothes to find to wear and work to get ready too, I need a cuppa too, plus the heating needs clicking on.

Have a fabulous Tuesday before Christmas, Ho Ho Ho and all that BeYOUtiful!

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