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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Slow down Saturday

1st July 2017
If speaking kindly to plants helps them grow, imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do!

And we're into another month, doesn't time fly or is it just me that thinks this years going by in a flash. Yesterday flew by too, so much so that I never did get to do any cooking, dinner ended up being an easy meal, we had delicious meatballs and spaghetti with a butternut and sage sauce, it tasted much better than it looked, hence no photos. For my tea I was lazy and I had katsu chicken in a pitta bread with some salad leaves. I can't even remember what I had for breakfast, how bad is that, it was only 24 hours ago, this is why I take photos, but my phones on charge in another room.

Now I have to cook today because I have some chicken with today's use by date on it and I will not be wasting it! I'm not decided on whether I'll be making laksa chicken or the quick green thai curry from the new cook book yet, or will I cop out and through them in the slow cooker before I leave with a jar of sauce because I know Saturday is my danger day. I go to work in 2 hours time, I then go straight for a massage and when I get back to mom around one, I'm all chilled from my massage and doing anything isn't really on the cards, apart from taking Alfie for a walk and that all but finishes me off.

Knowledge is power! By knowing I'm unlikely to cook, I can be prepared, how many times do you get caught out thinking you'll do something then realise you can't be bothered or you don't have time. We're always trying to do too much and fit too much in. Yeah slow cooker curry is starting to sound better by the second...

I've not got much planned for my weekend either, this weather makes me want to chill, if the sun ever shines again I might paint my shed! I've got a colouring book coming today and I was reminded last night I have knitting in a bag I can always do. At some point I want a clothes shopping trip because last night I was reminded how much I used to enjoy buying and wearing nice clothes, the last few years, clothes have just become something I wear, if it's for work I just find something in Sainsbury's that fits and looks okay, almost like a uniform. Then if I'm not at work, I tend to look like a tramp in my scruffs, but after last night, I feel like my wardrobes need something new and different in them. I haven't worn trousers in over ten years, this is the girl who never used to wear dresses prior to that. Don't get me wrong I wear scruffy jeans and leggings under shorter dresses but not bought trousers in forever, so yeah a shopping trip or a bit of an online splurge. I'm not waiting until I've lost a few more pounds, most clothing will still fit even with losing half a stone.

If I finish this here, I've got time to go and chop some onions and get something in the slow cooker, I might actually put the chicken in white wine with mushrooms and bacon instead of a curry, mmm, see I'm never be a size 10 again with this much enthusiasm for food at half five in the morning, that's okay though, I'm settle for a size 12 and a smile, oh and a belly full of healthy, nutritious, tasty food!

Here's to making Saturday super BeYOUtiful, we got this.   

If you know anyone who's been thinking about joining Weight Watchers, let them there's a cracking 40% off on this weekend, www.weightwatcherslocal.co.uk a total of £44.61 for the 3 month meetings & online plan (normally £74.35 with the £10 sign up fee). Ends Monday.

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