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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Not much to say today

18th July 2017
Surround yourself with people who get it.

It’s amazing how much food is in my house still to say I haven’t really done a proper shop for over a week!  I’m having my first delivery today in a fortnight and I’ve only bought a few things, some fresh stuff and dog food, I made it up to the £40 min order with rennies for mom, yes she did need them, I didn’t just buy some, but they don’t go off do they.

I enjoyed scrambled eggs yesterday with spinach and a little parmesan.  I’d taken a bag of food out the freezer which was chicken mince after all so I made skewers from it, I wasn’t so keen if I’m honest, I used the garden mint powder which I really enjoyed when I had it on chicken pieces but not so much on the mince.  Loved the roasted vegetables and the Mediterranean quinoa from Alda was also delicious for 5sp in half a packet. 

I spent a good portion of yesterday chasing things, the prescription for mom which wasn’t ready, the dentist appointment that I apparently needed to change because he’s on holiday but they hadn’t told me until I called to confirm we had an appointment next week.  All day trying to return a call from last Thursday when I was out all day to the independent living people (been waiting since May for that call and now they don’t answer the phone!) and my computer, hopefully he has finally fixed it because it’s driving me a little mad now, it’s been completely rebuilt from a software point of view, now he’s done something to the hardware.   Other than that we had a lovely day, I did spend an hour in the garden enjoying the sunshine because we never know how long we’ve got it for.

On an exciting note my kitchen man came round with my quote and we finalised a few things, I’m so excited to have a new kitchen, one that is designed to my spec, taking all my daft ideas to reality, he’s so patient.  I completely changed my mind on doors yesterday, he just said okay, no problem, I can do that.   He’s coming back the weekend with the catalogue to look at sinks, is it sad that I find sinks so interesting!

Anyway what to eat today…  I’ve got chicken in the fridge I can do something with, I’m going to skin and portion it I think, I found a nando’s pouch I could cover it with.  Breakfast is going to be eggs again because I have a dozen to use up, I’ve got lots of lentils and quinoa etc that I buy and do nothing with, so I’m going to try and do something with them.

But right now I’m going to stop waffling and go get ready for work, I need a good shower, it’s been a warm night, gotta love hot sweats and not for the reasons I’d have been sweating in bed in my 20s!  Hey ho, middle age ain’t so bad, mom and I both answered questions on University Challenge yesterday, I wouldn’t have been able to do that in my 20s, not quite sure it’s a worthwhile trade but I’ll take it.

It’s going to be a long week because my Sharon’s on holiday, I always miss her when she’s off having fun, but her stand in will do a cracking job too I’m sure. 

Here’s to a day of staying on track, saving some money by eating cheap and healthy so that I can afford the kitchen of my dreams!

Happy Tuesday BeYOUtiful, make it a good one.

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