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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Step out of your bullsh&t bubble!

13th July 2017
The tongue has no bones but it is strong enough to break a heart, so be careful with it.

Every one pound of weight loss removes 4 pound of pressure off your knees! We all want so much so quickly and that's why so often we fail! The all or nothing approach to 'dieting' that we're guilty off isn't helping is it. Either you're ON IT or OFF IT ratheri han eating healthy where possible and doing what you can when you can, rather than jumping on and off the weight loss train every other week or month. It's about making small tweaks as and when you can, so a great way of finding out where you could've made tweaks and learning from our existing eating habits is to keep a journal, write it all down. If you're mindlessly snacking in the kitchen or at night, if it's in front of your written down, you'll not be able to ignore it. You can't beat the reality check a food tracker gives you!

How can you move that little bit more, can you take the stairs more often, walk to the shop, get up in the commercials. Could you save money and points by making your own lunch instead of nipping in Greggs or similar.

If you're a snacker, replace one of them wth fruit, go to bed a little earlier to stop you late night snacking. If you're going to have the treats then at least savour them, stop what you're doing and give them your full attention.

If what your doing isn't working – do something else! If you've heard yourself say, “I tried that, it didn't work!' Ask yourself did you give it chance? We want quick results with minimal effort, well guess what, that ain't happening any time soon. Real results take time and they take continued effort, not just a week or a month but a lifelong commitment to taking care of you.

I enjoyed my food yesterday, chicken sausage and tomato sarnie for brekkie, corned beef has for lunch, then crackers and humous for tea. I realised I've dropped back on my water again so need to start upping that again.

So what the first step towards successful long term change?



It's to become aware of your own bullshit, what are you telling yourself to excuse your overeating, to justify your behaviour etc.

Think about that today and then decide what your next step needs to be, I'll leave you with that thought and say have a great Thursday BeYOUtiful.  

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