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Thursday, 27 July 2017

What shade are you?

27th July 2017
Another morning, another day to make a difference.
Well I made the chicken jalfrezi, not for me, my bestie loved hers but for me too tomato based, I’ll make the garlic chicken next time.  I tried spiralised carrot too, stir fried it and put some pesto on it, nah you can keep that too!  The best thing I ate yesterday was egg fried rice, I just opened a packet of microwave vegetable rice and added an egg to it, delicious and simple. 

I can’t wait to get my new kitchen because I’ll want to be in there cooking, yesterday the sink tap ripped my nail off, the coating on the tap is peeling off and one piece went into my name like a splinter – ouch, it’s almost like it knows I’m getting rid of it soon. 

So my meals weren’t the most appealing but I did drink my water and got 14k steps on my fitbit, not bad at all to say I also spent a few hours in front of my pc. 

What to eat today?  Now there’s a question, I know I have tinned tuna, a couple of chicken breast in freezer, baked beans, brown rice, butternut squash, eggs, it’s screaming No Count at me isn’t it.  I’ve also just read Angie’s post saying she’s gone back to No Count this week and it’s curbed her cravings, I need to do that, I had a great day until I saw moms packet of biscuits and I had 3, that’s a waste of points on something I normally wouldn’t even bother with.   Time to get creative in the kitchen today I think – oh because I have time to do that on a Thursday don’t I!  Maybe get simple in the kitchen with No Count ingredients, I have low calorie brown bread too, I can get on track and pull it back. 

I’ve just seen this photo of tea, apparently it’s created quite the ‘stir’ (get it) on twitter, so what’s your shade?  I’d be a 2D or 3B, I make mine with skimmed milk so like it strong but with enough milk it.  

Anyway, I have a long day ahead of me, I need to get going, eggs for breakfast I think, ooo on toast, do I throw in a spoonful of baked beans?  Maybe, there’s mushrooms in the fridge too.  Proper fill myself up so I’m not tempted by the new Weight Watcher salt and pepper shells, they’re really good as mom agreed when I filmed her yesterday.  https://www.facebook.com/bevww/videos/10155256442915862/

Here’s to a cracking good day whichever way you play, No Count, Counting, they both work if you follow them…. Don’t we know it BeYOUtiful!

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