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Sunday, 16 July 2017

I do love Sundays

16th July 2017
Selfcare is not Selfish

It's been an interesting week in my world, it always amazes me how the universe works and brings things together at the same time that are relevant. This week it most definitely has been sending me plenty of messages and yes I've noticed them, so thank you Universe, I'm very grateful for the reminders, it most definitely has made a difference. It started with a conversation with my bestie Vicky last Sunday, we chatted about things and I told her about a series of courses I'd like to study but were far to expensive to justify doing even if I could afford them and the next morning there was an inbox message about one of them knocking 75% off and the offer ended that day, those emails had been coming in all week but I'd been ignoring them because I knew the prices. I'm now on week 1 of 8 of a course that will not only help me but that I'll be able to translate and use in my work, win/win!

The event I went to on Thursday with Weight Watchers was amazing, that's all I can say, but the Universe has finally put them inline with my thoughts and belief system so to say I'm thrilled is an understatement. Lots of other little things have happened that have made me go 'ah ha' and smile and say 'okay I hear ya! Now to bring back this part of me to my day to day life, not that I already wasn't including it, just to be more aware of it.

I know that all sounds a bit 'What is she on about?' but I've got to be a little vague as I can't talk about Thursday, just know it was awesome.

This week in my meetings we've talked about our qualities, what makes us BeYOUtiful, it makes me smile how many people can't say what makes them incredible, they either don't see their positives or don't like to say them out loud. Go on, think and jot down 5 things that are BeYOUtiful about you....

Can't do it, yes you can, you're being coy, do it – NOW!

Done it? Good... Now make that list 20 things long, heck add to it daily, make it super long.

It can be anything from, I have a nice smile (I do btw) to I take pleasure from the little things, like sitting in my kitchen watched the sparrows on the bird feeders (I do like doing this too).

Even though there are physical things that add to our BeYOUtiful, there are many more things that have nothing to do with how we look. I'm equally awesome at 12 stone as I was at 9 stone, heck possibly even more so because at 12 stone, I get to enjoy eating lunch with my friends so I'm more sociable!

I've realised people like me for me not for being thin so that's a pretty BeYOUtiful thing because it's made me more open, I've dropped barriers that were there for years. These days when I work on losing weight, it's for me, not for acceptance. It's because I know it will benefit my health and of course because I know I'll look good in my jeans too, there's always going to be a little bit of vanity, we all want to look our best at whatever weight we are.

I can honestly look in the mirror naked and say 'I love you' at my reflection and I mean it, I couldn't always do that. I know I now live my life being the best version of me that I can. , I know I never intentionally do anything to upset others, don't get me wrong that doesn't mean I don't ever upset others, heck I'm human, we all mess up, so if I do, I apologise for it.

Yeah, I've come a long way and so have so many of my members, that's one of the best parts of my transformation, I've helped others change too, that feels amazing you know.

You can probably see, I'm feeling very reflective this morning, I'm going to go and clean my kitchen (my new Sunday ritual) whilst listening to the radio and being lost inside my own head. Then I'm going to spend some time doing things I enjoy because it's important to not WORK all the time, what's the opposite of work? Play!

Yep, it doesn't mean I have to go play the way a child would, for an adult it's an important source of relaxation and stimulation, it's a time to forget about work and commitments, it's about the experience not necessarily about the goal. It can just be having a giggle with your mates, playing with the dog, going for a bike ride, just turning off from life. Play can relieve stress, I love taking Alfie for a walk and walking his way, we've done it this morning, zig zagging as we go, no direction, no rhyme or reason to it, actually there is in his head but obviously I don't know what that is, so I trust that he knows and we'll get back home at some point! Play can also improve brain function, mom loves her puzzles, I play Candy Crush, some people would say it's a silly game, I don't care I love it, it zones me out and I'm pretty good at it and I don't have to think too hard to play it. Play stimulates the mind and boosts creativity, kids learn when they play, so why can't we, you've got to have noticed you learn something quicker if it's fun and you're relaxed. Play can also improve relationships and keep you feeling young and energetic, 'we don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing' such a true quote, I remember many a time watching my mom play in rock pools at the beach in the freezing cold and smiling at her, she's never truly got old.

How can you play as an adult? Well the answer to that is any way you like! Anything you enjoy doing, something as simple as a colouring book or a game of solitaire or patience, to giant jenga. Go have some fun! Oh if you have kids, take em over the park and get on the swings with them, how much would they love that.

On that note, I'm off to do my kitchen, then I'm gong to get my colouring book out I think, what you gonna do BeYOUtiful?

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