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Friday, 7 July 2017

Mmm cake....

7th July 2017
Your attitude determines your direction.

What a busy birthday mom had, I left her in bed when I went to bed and when I got back at lunchtime, she'd already had a visit from my sister, then her grandson turned up with cake, oh and his girlfriend but I'm afraid she was trumped by the cake! Only joking she was lovely, but those cakes, oh my days, I don't really eat cakes that often and I've never understood the popularity of a sponge cake, moms always said cup cakes where all thrills on the top and nothing underneath but not these ones, these cupcakes were immense, the sponge was light and moist and absolutely delicious, just look at them;

I shall definitely be having more made in the future, here's the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/forgoodnesscakessss/ go and like the page and have a look at some of the cakes she bakes, I'm a convert for sure, need to Smart Point them, you can have a bit of what you fancy don't forget.

After cake my brother Ian came, it was his birthday too, then Mark, and I went back to work, whilst I was gone moms grand-daughters came to visit. Yes our house hasn't seen that many people in one day in a very long time and it's now bulging with cake and biscuits! She had lots of cards and a lovely day, thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes and goodies.

I've woke up a bit bleary eyed, I cooked 4 times in my meeting yesterday as well , my feet were on fire driving home last night. Alfie's stood staring at me asking for a walk, so this is going to be a short blog.

Wednesday I went to the doctors and he told me I need to lose weight! No sh.t Sherlock! He then asked me how much I drank and said, 'yes that's where your extra calories are coming from' REALY?! As I was telling mom what he'd said, she told me I should've lied about my drinking, my response “I did!” If I'd told him the truth, he'd have taken my mom off me ;)

I suggested we swap lives for a week and see if he cares about being a little overweight and enjoying a glass of wine! I'm healthier than most, my health check results the other week proved that, blood pressure and cholesterol were both excellent. I'm working on getting the numbers down on the scales but I sure as hell ain't gonna fret about it.

I actually didn't eat a great deal yesterday, I had my first scrambled egg sandwich for breakfast, I'll do that again, I ate half of a Caramac cupcake then a bite of a lemon curd one, then as I was leaving for work realised I hadn't had proper food so grabbed a crustless quiche. When I got home I wasn't hungry, I cooked a piece of steak that I'd defrosted but left it. I did have a bit of my cooking in the meeting but not loads, today I'm eating well!

On that note we're going to go for a walk before he scratches a hole in my leg!

Enjoy the sunshine BeYOUtiful, it doesn't stay long.  

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