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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Give me a reason!

11th July 2017
Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.

I lost 2.5lb yesterday, that's 5lb in 6 weeks and one thing that's kept me on it is sharing my journey with others, yesterday I decided to take it one step further and I actually shared the numbers, this is what I weigh right now;
The number on those scales has varied so much over the last 13 years, my goal back in August 2014 was 10st 6lb, I'd started at 14st and since I've actually gone ridiculously low to 8st 13lb I think it was.  I've always been comfortable around the 11st.

I needed motivating to keep going so I asked my WW coach to "tell me why I need to be a stone lighter? Give me a reason?" & this was her reply;

Well then ...
You'll feel amazeballs in general.
You'll still be able to eat and drink!
You will move better.
You will have more energy.
You will love the skin you're in a little more.
Your health will become more important as you see & feel the benefits.
You'll be loving those clothes a little more.
You'll feel and look younger.
You'll be inspiring your members even more than you do now.

I then posted that in my group asking if my members could add anything to that and this was what was added;

It will make looking after your mum a little easier.
Better for your joints. Better for your heart.
Improves your walking ability - walk without pain!
To prove to yourself that you can!
You've done it before and you'll do it again because u know how it feels to be that version of yourself xxx your worth it xxx

and last but not least;
If it's what you really want then go for it! If your really happy with how you are now don't bother but I'm guessing you really would like that stone off cos you'll move about easier and have less strain on the old joints. Your clothes will fit better and that new dress will too! You've lost over a third already so Well done! Xx

Our reasons to lose weight are always personal to ourselves, however most of them are relevant, even though I do absolutely love me now and I am healthy, I know I could be healthier, I do feel fitter lighter, I do want to prove it can be done, more so because I absolutely love eating and drinking. Not to mention because I'm stuck at home so much, yesterday I was so bored (I haven't used that word in so long), I just wanted to get in my car and drive, see the sea, walk in the sand and I couldn't, I can't just pick up my keys and go. This is why I want to do it, to prove that your situation shouldn't dictate whether you overeat or not, it won't make my situation better, the food is delicious and it is a distraction but it doesn't last, the fat however does!

I want it to say 11st, I'd got down to 11st 11lb last November and then gained over Christmas and New Year, this proves I can lose, I just need to do it. When I was doing it last year I was sharing my meals, so I'm going one step further and sharing meals and weight this time.

I've shrunk in height a little too according to my last health check which has taken my bmi down to around 10 stone, I can't see that happening, to be honest I don't really want to get that low. So 11 stone is my target by Christmas, oh followed by not doing a ridiculous amount of damage in the month of December!

So my I'm not shopping cos I'm skint week started well, for breakfast yesterday I had a leftover veggie burger topped with an egg, 2 slices bacon and curry beans for 15sp, that was a lot of points but kept me full and I didn't want to waste the burger. Lunch was a bowl of Weight Watcher soup out of the cupboard, been there weeks with a ham sarnie for 7sp. Then for dinner I had mushroom omelette with a bit of parmesan cheese for 7sp. Might just about have got my 5 a day in there but definitely need to get more in today.

Alfie and I went for two walks so finished just show of my 10k steps, trying to earn some FitPoints as I finished my day on 35sp, used 5 weeklies! It's all good though, wine free till the weekend will help me stay within my allowance.

I worked in my office most of yesterday even though it's officially my day off, when I finally went to sit with mom we couldn't find anything to watch on the tele, what's that all about! We finally found a film something about Sisterhood of the jeans and that turned out quite nice but I need to find something else to do whilst sitting in the living room because television just isn't cutting it. I do love my audio books, I listen to them whilst walking the dog, usually on hands free because I can't be doing with searching for my headphones. I did chuckle yesterday when a chap who was about to get in his car said, “I'd have slapped them”, I looked up and realised he'd been listening to my book too and given his opinion, I don't know how long he'd been there but it was funny.

Here's to another day living without shopping, emptying the cupboards and fridge, staying on track, proving I can – I got this!

What about you BeYOUtiful, what's your day going to look like - you got this?

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