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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

What a difference a month makes!

26th October 2017
Don't stress, do your best, forget the rest.
How ridiculously fast has these past four weeks gone! I can't believe I'm on the last day of week 4, a third through the challenge and I'm still doing it and not struggling to do it, yep I've noticed the difference.

The quote is a reminder that we will see a change in our bodies but it takes time.  It's too easy to get discouraged when we're trying to live that healthy and happy lifestyle but we don't see the results we want or expect to see.

The chances I've noticed are more psychological than physical also my fat jeans are getting baggy as I mentioned yesterday.  I'm chuffed it's only take me 5 days to see of that nasty virus I picked up, usually those things linger but obviously eating well for the last 4 weeks and going for my daily walk has all helped.  The daily walk resumes today, I've actually missed it, half hour with my audio book. 

I finally enjoyed food yesterday and enjoyed an egg and bacon toastie for breakfast, a spinach and potato spiced dish for lunch and for tea I had a can of minted lamb big soup - wasn't so keen on that to be honest.

The beauty of being told to drink less means I'm going to be saving points on my glass of wine at night in the week so I can use those points for more food - YAY!  Upside to everything, today I'm going to make me a scrumptious, comforting cottage pie, nothing fancy, just good plain grub, although I am thinking of instead of mash on the top doing it hot pot potato style, mmm I'm smiling now because I've missed this over the last 5 days, missed thinking about what I can eat today, it's part of who I am. 

I like food - now to continue to prove to myself I can love food, eating and lose weight then maintain that weight loss.

One of my wise members commented on my blog "The best part of being ill is feeling better. You just appreciate things more." How true is that, I really did appreciate sitting down and enjoying my lunch yesterday.  I'm also surprised at what I've missed and what I didn't, I've not even thought about having a drink which proves it is a habit, the doctor actually asked "Do you have a glass when you wake up", erm no ;) then ask "could you stop", erm yeah, almost a challenge that, but seriously I've never had a drink problem, I just like drinking, it's entirely different, one you need, one you enjoy.  I'm already thinking about the fact I can have higher pointed meals because I'm saving at least 6sp a night from not having my big glass of red.  Don't get me wrong I'll be partaking on a Saturday still!

Weigh day tomorrow, expecting a good loss, I've still had my points even without my appetite, I've just eaten higher pointed stuff.  I'd be chuffed if I lose a couple of pounds. Whatever I lose I know I've got another week ahead of me to lose some more. 

Apparently there's an update on the Weight Watcher app, so I'm off to update and play.  Here's to a wickedly good Wednesday - you in?

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