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Sunday, 16 October 2016

I'm doing this for me!

16th October 2016
A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be.

Sunday, day of rest apparently!  Although for most people these days it'll involve going to work or getting all the things done that they don't have time to do the other 6 days of the week.  Everyone's so busy aren't they!  My plan today however is to do a few of the things I need to do, I want to do a meal planner, I love to spend Sunday morning in my kitchen if I'm honest, I enjoy cleaning it up - yep it's the only housework I enjoy, sorting my kitchen, then I enjoy cooking something and sitting and reading my book whilst it cooks, I've got an audio book on the go today so I can listen to that as I clean up too!  I'll need to shop but not sure if that'll be tomorrow now, once I've sorted my meal planner, I can get my list ready.  I'm cooking in my meetings next week too so I need to go get all the ingredients, that'll all wait until tomorrow.  Sunday is my day off in my own head, where I do whatever I fancy, I will be fitting in a walk though, didn't do my 30 minutes yesterday so plan to make up for it and do an hour today.  At some point we'll watch last nights XFactor too because we went to bed at 8, I'd fell asleep in my chair and mom woke me up to go to bed - rock and roll on a Saturday night!

I did nip into the local Budgens on my way home yesterday and they had two chickens reduced to £2 each, bargain, so I decided to buy them and cook them which means we ate chicken mostly yesterday and will mostly be eating chicken again today, just need to decide what to do with it.

I've got to start being more aware of my finances, my wages are less than they have been because I've dropped a couple of meetings to take back more time for me, obviously less meetings means less wages, so I need to adjust to live accordingly, I'd rather have the time though for sure, I love having the energy to want to do stuff, even if it is just to read my book or go for a half hour walk, to some that might not sound very exciting but to me it's bliss.  Going for a drive with my mom and having a ramble round a National Trust property is my idea of a perfect day out these days, I'm loving my life, it's got a good balance going on.

So what shall I make with my cooked chicken?  Maybe a good chicken dinner, my chicken chow mein or well, I actually think I'm going to use up all the ingredients I mentioned yesterday and do some kind of baked dish, yeah that sounds like a plan, I'll show you it tomorrow.

This blog is taking forever to write because I keep googling recipe / meal ideas at the same time, I also stopped to make mom and I a cuppa, it was a good one too, the first of the day is always the best isn't it.  So far for things to use up the chicken I've found, quesadillas, pasta dish maybe, club sandwich, curry, noodles dish, one suggestion is curried chicken salad in lettuce cups, they sound lovely, which involves shredding the leftover chicken, combining mayonnaise (low fat of course) with curry powder, paprika, spring onions, raisins in a bowl, it does say almond slivers too but they'd cost me more points so I'd maybe leave them out, although I have some pine nuts I could use and point.  Mix it all together, add chicken and serve in the lettuce leaves, sounds nice and light and tasty.

Right I'm waffling now, typing as if I'm talking to someone that's next to me and has nowhere to be, but it's Sunday and I know you lot have plenty to do, can I suggest you fit in a bit of you time somewhere, my members have all been asked to make a tweak of the week and that was to go for a walk, Sunday is a good day to go for a walk!  Although it's forecast rain here, I'm not made of sugar, I won't melt, as soon as I'm dressed I'm getting the walk done first.

Whatever your plans, have a great day, remember you can do whatever you put your mind too.  I'm starting day 18 (I think, can't keep up and have to check the last meal I posted on Facebook to remind me. 

Focus on the Healthy and Happy BeYOUtiful, my new mantra is "I'm doing this for me!"  What your mantra gonna be?

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