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Monday, 31 October 2016

It's foggy out but clear as day indoors!

31st October 2016
Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our hear rather than a piece of our mind.
My tweak of the week is more fruit and veggies, when I was poorly last weekend I couldn't stomach any at all so I'm glad to be well again and enjoying them.  Yesterday with breakfast I had mushrooms and tomatoes, I also had a banana, so there's 3 first thing.  With my Sunday I had carrots, onions, sprouts and peas, another 4.  I didn't have another meal as I wasn't hungry and went to bed early, but 7 is a good start for sure!  I have a pineapple in the kitchen needs peeling, I'm hoping it hasn't gone rotten in the middle, will do that today.  I also strangely woke up fancying a side salad with my lunch, waking up thinking about food, what's that all about!   I'm thinking chorizo penne, it's a simply cook kit so will only take 20 minutes to knock up, think I have all the ingredients in too.  Need to nip to the shop for the salad though, got to go to the vets to sort Alfie's pet cover so I can do both together.

It's foggy out there, that'll be the after effects of all those fireworks last night!  If Alfie could talk he'd have said "I wish they'd shut up, I'm trying to sleep!",  which was my thoughts exactly.

I'm drinking lots of water lately, got into the habit when I was poorly and have carried it on, I bet I had 4 pints yesterday, and I did post on Facebook, don't tell me you can't drink cold water in the cold weather if you can drink wine, beer or spirits!  Amazing how we only see the water as too cold to drink isn't it!

I made it through another weekend on track and looking forward to step on the scales Thursday, I'm chuffed to be in the zone and not struggling.  Especially as it's 54 days to Christmas, but let's be honest it's the 1st November tomorrow and the party season will start in December so if you want to feel a little better in time for that, you need to get doing something now!  I've lost 7lb in 4 weeks and you could do the same, heck you could do more, let's be honest!  Even without weight loss, wouldn't you feel better entering the Christmas season knowing you're focusing on the healthy and happy. 

Let's do this, my mantra is working for me "I'm doing this for me", what's your mantra - why are you doing it, or more importantly if you aren't doing it, why do you want to?  As a leader I can't help a member who doesn't show up, I get so many messages from people saying they need help, then they don't show up, nothing happens if you don't take that first step.

As the weeks are going on, I'm getting into new routines, trying to put new habits in place, if I don't want to be tempted by something, I don't take it home with me - I can't eat what isn't there!

I'm writing in my journal every day, I'm starting day 33, which makes me smile because I didn't think I could get to day 3 let alone 33!  I've also drunk a lot less the last 7 days, I didn't drink at all Monday - Friday, which I have to say I did notice a difference in myself, when I got to my meeting Saturday morning I was full of the joys, whereas usually I'm a bit cranky for that first half hour setting up, my helpers noticed too.  I enjoyed a bottle of red Saturday night and yesterday I had 3 bottles of peroni lager, I poured the fourth and it's still in the glass ready to go down the sink this morning, I just wasn't fussed.   I think I've been abducted by aliens and replaced by a tampered with version.  Turns out though, I don't need a glass of wine to chill out at night, I just need to sit down and relax, that works too.  Who knew! 

My walking is helping me relax far more than the glass of wine was, because unlike the walk, the wine wasn't always just one, it sometimes turns into 2 or 3, whereas my walk is never more than I can afford to do. 

Ooo just realised this weigh day I should be in the next stone bracket down, that'll be worth - I was going to say worth the effort I've put in, but honestly it's not feeling like an effort at the moment, it's feeling very natural which I'm so very glad of, I really am.

Apologies if I'm annoying you, I get it, there's nothing worse than someone on track when you're not, can I say though I'm not feeling smug at all, I'm feeling lucky, because I know how hard this is, I just started by faking it till I made it, and know I'm not having to fake it, it's coming natural.  Are you on it, or could you do with a bit of faking it today?

Either way, smile today, realise you're BeYOUtiful, focus on the healthy and happy and hey why not throw in a little walk too...

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