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Saturday, 1 October 2016

I can do this! #12WksDiff #WWGoMe

1st October 2016
Never settle for bad coffee, bad food or bad friends!
Day 2 in the bag, 12 weeks I'm giving myself to notice a difference, but I'm going to focus on the first four so I can see the changes, firstly though I need to make it through the first weekend!  I'm under no illusion how difficult I've found it of late to 'be bothered' but I believe I can do it this time, that's the big difference and I've got lots of people who believe they can do it too, so together we're all going to support it us, that's what Weight Watchers is all about.

I still haven't been shopping, so I made use of what was in the house yesterday, everything was tracked on my app, including the milk in my tea!  I did a couple of walks with mom and the dog, which got my fitbit to just shy of 10k steps earning me 10 Fit Points. 

Breakfast - Avocado & egg on toast - 9sp
Lunch - cod in butter sauce, swiss style rosti, carrots - 8sp
Dinner - smoked haddock, mashed potato, peas -  6sp
Milk in tea/coffee  - 3sp
2 Jack Daniels (measured)  & Diet coke - 4sp

Total - 30sp


My meals was all delicious, need to work on getting the points down in some of them, more fish on the menu definitely, will check the freezer actually in a minute to see if there's any in there I can take out and defrost.  I want to defrost my freezer I think over the next few weeks so need to empty it! Ready for Christmas, I know, sssh, but 12 weeks today is Christmas Eve, yeah it is.

Why do you think I'm so intent on this 12 week thing, no not so I can dress up in a pretty party frock, its so I can enjoy Christmas and not cry on January 1st when nothing fits me!  I lost my Christmas weight by June and now I've regained it thanks to a few 'sod it' weeks!

I can't tell you what's on the menu today as I don't know, I do know when I get my slow cooker today, I want to cook a recipe given to me by a very good cook;

Hot and sweet slow cooked chilli beef curry – serves 4
12sp with casserole steak 3sp per serving / 35sp with brisket 9sp per serving
Serve with rice 4-6sp extra depending on how much you have

500g brisket 33sp or 500g lean casserole steak 9sp
Half jar peppadew plus the brine 0pp
300 ml beef stock 0sp
5 cloves garlic
1/2 inch chopped ginger
1 tbsp ground coriander
1tbsp ground cumin 1sp
1 tbsp turmeric 1sp
1 tbsp garam masala 1sp
3 red chilli's sliced lengthways
Tin plum tomatoes

Lob it all in a pan and slow cook for 4 hours or 8hrs on low in slow cooker

The only ingredient I haven't got are the chili's, need to get today, if anyone coming this morning has 3 bring em with me, save me a trip to the shop because we all know it'll cost me more than the price of chilli's if I walk into a supermarket!

Here's to making it through the weekend - we can do this folks!  It's our very special Christmas gift to ourselves, healthy and happy BeYOUtiful - you know it makes sense. 

You wouldn't force someone else to overeat until they were feeling sick and getting ill, so stop doing it to yourself xx

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