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Friday, 28 October 2016

Silver 7 - 4 weeks in the bag!

28th October 2016
The starting point of all achievement is desire. Napoleon Hill
Well I'm feeling good my first 4 weeks of my 12 week Christmas goal challenge is in the bag, I lost 7lb in total, 3.5lb of that yesterday, so my results over the four weeks are;

Wk1 - 2.5lb
Wk2 - Stayed Same
Wk3 - 1lb
Wk4 - 3.5lb

Here's a link to photos of the meals I've eaten this week, not as varied as usual because I wasn't well last weekend so kept everything simple.

I'm so ready for week 5, bring it on!  I cooked butter chicken yesterday so I have my tea ready, there's cottage pie in the fridge I could have an early lunch or keep till tomorrow as I'm at a training session from 12-2 today, but I'm prepared see, I think I'll have a big brunch which will keep me going till I get home, fancy me a bit of bacon and egg.

One of my members overheard a bit of a conversation between myself and another member yesterday and as the lady left, the member said, "You've got to want to do it though!"  And she was right I guess, your desire to lose weight has to be greater than your desire to overeat or eat the wrong things.  For every weight loss problem there is a solution if you look hard enough.  I'm not saying it's easy, hell I've spent all year starting tomorrow.  The difference now though is exactly as that member said, I want to do this!  Another huge difference is I'm doing this for me, I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself, I get to the point where I don't know what I've blogged, said in my meeting or just thought in my mind, but I realised people were telling me I had to do it for one of two reasons the first being "because it's my job" and the other, "because you've got to be healthy and well to take care of your mom".  Erm hello, a person here, I matter too - I've got to be healthy and well to take care of me too!   I do realise people were being nice and caring, however it wasn't until I acknowledged that I wanted to do it for myself that I started and stuck with it.  Gosh there's nothing more annoying than a Weight Watcher on track is there :) especially if you aren't!  I remember it well.

Just think though, if you're not on track, 4 weeks today you could be feeling like me!  And all it took was a realisation I did want to do it and I could do it, plus I was willing to work out the solutions to all my problems.  I feel so much better for doing it too.

I'm so glad I've been taking the meal photos too of everything I've eaten because I know at some point when I lose momentum, I'll be able to go back and look for meal ideas.  It's a picture tracker, ready to repeat at any time in the future.

We've been talking about our favourite Weight Watcher friendly meals in the meetings this week also, not specifically WW meals but the meals we enjoy that fit in well with the plan, it's been interesting to hear what others eat as their go to meals.  Stir fry for instance, I don't remember the last time I had a stir fry, but I'll be having one soon for sure!

Ooo beautiful sky this morning so I'm going to sign off and enjoy the sunrise.  Here's to making Friday fanbloomingtastic, focus on you because you're important too.

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