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Saturday, 29 October 2016

You can navigate those obstacles!

29th October 2016
Health is not about the weight you lose but about the life you gain.

Waking up in the dark sure sign winters on its way, it'll still be dark when I wake up even with the clock change because my alarm is set at silly o'clock!

Yesterday I did a training session with some of my colleagues and it was good, but obviously not my usual Friday afternoon activity.  I nipped into Waitrose beforehand because I was over that way, if you have a Waitrose card you can have a free cuppa to take with you, so when asked I automatically said "yes please I'll have a cappuccino".  As I watched it pour I saw all this frothy creamy stuff come out at the end and just thought mmm, that's not skimmed milk!  I guessed it to be about 4 or 5 Smart Points, so has I walked out the shop and bought a copy of the Big Issue off a vender, I gave him the hot drink!  Happy man and 5sp saved.  Next I arrive at the hotel where the training is taking place, as I enter the room we're using, there's tea and coffee and a little basket of biscuits supplied by the hotel, 'Grandma Wild's Ginger biscuits', individually wrapped, I popped a packet in my bag, the first thought that went through my head was, 'ooo someone told me ginger was good for nausea last week when I wasn't feeling great', then I thought 'I'll take them for mom', I've just worked the points out, the little packet is 7sp, there's 2 biscuits in the packet!  As I sat down there was water on the table, I love that, I'm not a fan of hotel coffee it's too strong and the tea is usually too weak, but water, well you can't get that wrong!  With it though was cordial, of course it wasn't sugar free, so I worked out the Smart Points, using my calculator because by now we'd been asked to put our phones away!  The cordial was 2sp a glass made up - ouch!  Strewn over the table we were sitting at were Weight Watcher bars, not bad at 2sp each but something I wouldn't be normally considering eating at this time on a Friday unless it was sat there in front of me.  

Within the space of an hour, I could've easily have consumed an extra 16sp on a coffee, 2 biscuits, glass of squash and a WW bar, ouch, how scary is that!  We are constantly surrounded by temptation and it's not always the in your face obvious kind, it can be subtle and sneaky.  Instead of indulging in any of that little lot, I spent those points on my Friday Fakeaway;

Butter Chicken (recipe here http://wwbevsworld.blogspot.co.uk/2016/10/lurgy-free-to-good-or-even-not-so-good.html?m=1), pilau rice (1/2 a microwave packet), Weight Watcher naan bread and a bottle of Becks blue, I like the taste of lager, I didn't need any alcohol so the alcohol free kind was perfect for 1sp,  Those dishes are great, £1 each from Budgens and they make my portions smaller but ample.  All for 14sp!  Result!

Temptation is everywhere, so you have to be prepared, you have to navigate your day in the best way you can.  I had my calculator in my bag to help me point stuff, I already knew I didn't need any of it but pointing it and seeing how high the points were was an added support in a way, it helped me agree it wasn't worth it at all.

I'd ensured I wasn't hungry before arriving by having a damn fine and tasty breakfast that cost me the same as the 2 ginger biscuits and glass or cordial;

A much better and tastier choice for sure!

We can do this, it just takes a little thought and effort.  Things will always make it tough, those obstacles along the way, but we can do this!  We can - honest, I've been doing it for a month now and managed to navigate those obstacles, I'm lucky at the moment the force is strong in me ;)

I'm also well aware there's nothing more annoying than a Weight Watcher completely in the zone - they're a little like a new non smoker, so I apologise if I'm being that annoying member, I'm aware this is the honeymoon period of my weight loss journey and I know it could end at any time so I'm making the most of it whilst it lasts and enjoying every minute of being in the zone!

On that note, moms just woke up so I'm going to go make her a cuppa, finish my pint of water and see if the chicken in my fridge will fit in the smaller slow cooker my brother gave me, if it does, that'll be today's dinner, mmm with a yorkie, veggies and gravy, nom nom.

Here's to a super Saturday and starting the weekend as we intend to finish it - you can navigate your way through all those obstacles, don’t see it as a diet, see it as a journey, Weight Watchers is your vehicle, your leader is your Sat Nav & your weekly meetings are your pit stops.  Remember BeYOUtiful you’ll lose your excess baggage on-route to your Golden destination.

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