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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

4 weeks tomo & yes I'm noticing the difference!

25th October 2016
It's not about perfect, it's about effort and when you implement that effort into your life, every single day, that's where transformation happens.  That's how change occurs - keep going, remember why you started.

I do believe I'm almost better - YAY, I so want a decent meal, I really do.  My first meal will be cottage pie I think, I've just had no appetite at all, nausea sucks and it can go away now, I've woke up feeling so much better I'm so pleased to say.

I nipped over the doctors yesterday morning because of my throat, I have real bad tonsillitis sometimes after a good dose of the lurgy, he sent me for blood tests to check my white blood count, which turned out to be fine.  Apparently the medication I take can lower my bone marrow or something and he told me I need to cut down on the alcohol I drink, so guess what my next small goal in my 12 week goal is.  Yep, you guessed it, to cut down on my wine!  I always said if a doctor told me to and gave me a good reason then I would, he did both so here's to some wine free days each week.  Let's hope it helps with my 12 week weight loss goal too.  

I'm so chuffed I'm starting Day 27 of my 12 week challenge, yep, nearly completed 4 weeks, how good is that.  See the time passes anyway, I thought this was gonna be the longest 3 months of my life, especially as I'd decided to post photos of everything I eat online.  Yet here I am one day off the first 4 weeks and despite having had the lurgy over the weekend, I feel great.  I think it would've probably taken longer to recover had I not been taking care of myself in the first place. 4 weeks for yourself to notice the difference they said and they were right, I've noticed differences.  My fat jeans fit me again, actually they were slipping down over my hips a bit yesterday, not sure if that was just because they've stretched and near a wash but I'm still smiling regardless, my PJs keep falling down, they've always been on the big side but never fell down before.  The biggest change I've noticed is in my mind, now I believe I can!

I believe I can finish the 12 week goal.
I believe I can make the relevant changes needed and keep them going after the 12 weeks.
I believe I can get my portion sizes under control and still not be hungry.
I believe I can have wine free days.
I believe I can do anything I put my mind too.
I believe in me....

Because I'm doing this for me!

My sister-in-law is making me a mug with that on "I'm doing this for me!" as a constant reminder of my mantra.  £5 - bargain!  She can put anything on a mug you want and post them anywhere in the UK for £2.50, cracking gift idea, but I'm buying the gift for me :)

Anyways, I do believe I'm up for breakfast this morning, I haven't eaten a vegetable for days, I managed some beans on Sunday and a cherry tomato yesterday, but the idea of greens made me nauseous.  I do hope the stuff in the fridge hasn't gone off.  Breakfast I wonder if I can manage mushrooms on toast, I'll do my best or do I play it safe with a bit of toast and have veggies at lunchtime - decisions, decisions!

Anyways, I'm off to get ready for my meetings, back to business, rested and recharged and ready to do it :)

Healthy & Happy BeYOUtiful - you know it makes sense.

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