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Sunday, 9 October 2016

It's going to be a go slow day I think!

9th October 2016
When thinking about life remember this: No amount of guilt can solve the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future.
Day 11, or do I say Week 2, Day 4, decisions, decisions, after all day 11 makes me realise I've already done 10 days, but week 2, day 4 makes me appreciate I made it through week 1 and I'm over half way through week 2.  Isn't it great that this is the only thing going through my mind as I sit here at my desk this morning! 

Yesterday only consisted of the two meals as I wasn't hungry by the time I realised I'd only had the two and I'd be going to bed in a couple of hours anyway so I had wine instead!   Breakfast was eggy bread, 2 slices of Weight Watchers danish, with 1 egg and 12g of Cathedral City lighter cheese grated into the egg, 6sp and totally delicious.

My main meal of the day was a tasty chicken dinner, just divine and probably why I wasn't hungry later as I'll put my hands up and admit I ate the chicken skin whilst putting the dinner out which cost me approximately 7sp, the actual dinner only set me back 13sp and it was so good.

I spent a few hours in my kitchen yesterday afternoon, one of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon if I'm honest, I put the chicken dinner in the oven, put a beef stew on the hob then sat down with my book and read for an hour, the radio on in the background, I really do love Radio 2s pick of the pops, so yep those couple of hours in the kitchen and all is good in my world.  My kitchen chairs aren't very comfortable though, is there such a thing as a comfortable kitchen chair?  I need to look into that! 

Not sure of our plans today, if the weathers good today or tomorrow I fancy a drive to Attingham park to see the deer rutting hopefully and enjoy the trees with their autumn leaves, and enjoy the lovely drive too.

Can't see me doing anything quick this morning though, it's took me an hour to write the above, I keep getting distracted by recipes and the internet!  I'm going to go and make me a mug of tea I think, I've drunk my water, I'll go do my half hour walk before the tea perhaps, that might give me some energy to get my day started.  Yeah, I'll do that, better get dressed first though, look a little silly in my pj's and red dressing gown walking the streets!

Catch ya tomorrow, have a super Sunday, make today count, make today so good, yesterday gets jealous! 

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