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Monday, 10 October 2016

Monday ain't it! Let's make it marvelous...

10th October 2016
Be at a place in your life where peace is a priority and negativity cannot exist.
Morning all, well not only did we have an early night (8pm) but a lie in too (6am) = nice! 

Yesterday was a full on relaxing day, I loved it, I finished my book, enjoyed my stew, walked 3 times, twice with Alfie, once on my own getting my 30 minute walk in and managed to clock up over 11,000 steps so earning 11 FitPoints and justifying the lazy rest of the day. 

I started with a lovely fry up, using spray light of course!  I used Weight Watcher sausages and took them out the skins to make sausage bites, really nice.  This was 7sp;

Dinner was my stew, oh it was epic, with my bread and spread for 14sp;

Then I had me a chicken sarnie for tea to use the leftovers up.  My brothers just nipped in and I've given him the leftover stew - that's true love right there because that will be amazing today.  He has bought me his slow cooker though so fair exchange I'd say!

Apparently it's National Curry week, so I'll be having to make a curry at some point, Curry is the one recipe I just can't master, I always end up using a sauce or paste mix of some sort, but I live in hope, actually I have managed a damn fine butter chicken thanks to a friend, which I'm hoping to make for my members not this week but next when the church hall will finally be fixed on the Wednesday night so I'll be able to do it in all the meetings.

I'll try to share a recipe every day with you, this is the one that my helpers use and that Suman cooked for my Wednesday night group a few weeks ago.

Harjit’s Chicken Curry 
Serves around 6-7.  Total recipe points, 10sp

2-3 teaspoons Olive Oil (5sp),
4 Onions,
Ginger ,
1-2 (3-4 if you like it spicy) Green Chilli
2 teaspoons Jeera (Cumin Seeds),
 1-2 teaspoons Haldi (Turmeric),
½ large can Tomatoes (Blended),
1-2 teaspoons Salt,
1 teaspoon Garam Masala,
 500g chicken breast (5sp),
Fresh Coriander (Optional)

1. Heat oil in saucepan and add chopped onions & salt.
2. After 5-10 mins add garlic, ginger, chilli & jeera (cumin seeds)
3. Cook for around 20 mins if onions start sticking to the pan add water.
4. Once onions are browned and softened add 1-2 teaspoons of haldi (Tumeric), cook for around 10 mins until the colouring separates from the onions.
5. Once the above has cooked add half a tin of tomatoes and cook for around 5-10 mins.
6. When tomatoes have blended in with the onions add chicken, cook chicken for about 10 mins and then add boiled water and simmer until water has thickened and chicken is tender.
7. Once chicken has cooked add garam masala and stir and garnish with fresh coriander.
8. Serve with (add the extra SmartPoints of course) basmati rice

The base is the same for every curry so you can add vegetables if required.

Right I'm up for a cracking good day, not sure what's on the agenda but I do know I'll enjoy it regardless, got my fridge full of healthy food so we'll eat well, I need to find me another book to read, thoroughly enjoyed the last two by JoJo Moyes, there is another on my bookshelf by her, might have a mooch at that one or find another by the author who wrote the girl who lied because I enjoyed that one too.

Anyway I'm waffling, I'm off, make it a Monday that matters, maybe do meat-free Monday, I'll let you know tomorrow what I did and of course I'll post my meal pics, that's helping to keep me on track to be honest.

Healthy & Happy BeYOUtiful!

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