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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Slow Sunday on the cards here...

30th October 2016
Don't tell people your goals - show them!

Clocks have gone back and it's still dark ;), I've got to do my clocks, my phone and moms does automatically thankfully, we had a super early night too so I'm not tired at all and hopefully the change won't affect me too much especially when I'm in such a good place and on a roll!

Yesterday was a good day, cracking meeting and giggles in the morning, sometimes we have to stick with the rule "What happens in a meeting, stays in a meeting", ain't that right Karen :)

Next I went for my massage, bliss, totally chilled me out, from there I nipped into the Christmas craft fair at the community centre bought a couple of things before nipping to the new Ladybirds gift show in Willenhall to pick up a few things I've had made for Christmas gifts including a box for Alfies toys and treats, but we've let him have that already as he don't appreciate Christmas at all!  Here's their facebook page, he can do most things with wood!  https://www.facebook.com/ladybirdsgifts/?fref=ts

I then cooked myself steak, chips, mushroom and peas for 13sp, what a bargain.  The chicken hadn't cooked in time in the slow cooker, I'd put it on low not realising, so that's ready for lunch today, nice bit of gravy and a yorkie mmm.

I'm listening to a book about willpower at the moment and yesterday it was talking about stress and how we cope, unfortunately we usually turn to the wrong things, like food, booze, tv etc when that actually doesn't help, what does help is exercise, meditation, massage, yoga etc. Sadly, even though we know this is the truth we still opt for the not so good stuff which in turn adds to our stress.  Someone who is in credit card debt up to their eyeballs, will go shopping and spend more when they receive the bill because they think spending will make them feel better!  Someone who's overweight and struggling will overeat even more when they've had a bad week because they believe that's where they can find their happy.  We all know they won't and it doesn't make sense but in that moment when you're looking for an instant lift, that's what your brain will tell you!    We've all thought after a workout, or a good walk how fab we feel, sadly we forget that good feeling all too quick, so the book suggested taping yourself on your phone saying how good you feel at the end of the walk.  I liked this idea and thought it would be good for when you walk out of your Weight Watcher meeting when you've had a great week, lost weight and left feeling high as a kite and motivated to keep going - you can't beat that feeling!  So if you were to record it, either by taping yourself or writing it down, you could read it back when you're tempted to not bother, to skip class, to think sod it and overeat! 

We need reminding!  One of my members asked yesterday if after a while eating healthy etc becomes the norm, my instant response was NO!  I've been a Weight Watcher since I was 18, I've been a greedy bitch longer than I can remember!  Don't get me wrong we're all different, but it's never come easy or automatic to me, maybe for a short while it will then my old habits will try to creep back in.  I love food, I have a good appetite and can eat more than I need, so I have to be consciously aware of that.  The other thing is, there is so much temptation out there, it's easy to overindulge and overeat without even trying!
Not today though, today I'm going to sort my kitchen out (again), apparently this housework lark is a weekly thing!  I'm going to put our winter quilts on the bed so we're snug when we get in them.  Cook a delicious Sunday roast but not too big though, then I think we'll chill out after I've done my 30 minute walk of course.

Perfect Autumn Sunday that is, it's the season to slow down for me, for sure.  I might do a bit of reading too.

But now I'm gonna go make me a brew, my pint of water drank.  This week's tweak for me is to eat plenty of fruit and veggies - feel free to join in!

Have a slow Sunday BeYOUtiful, I plan too.

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