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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Make it a December to Remember!

1st December 2015
Make it a December to remember!
So it's the first day of the last month of 2015, the start of Advent and a good time to look back and ask yourself have you had a good year?

Not just from a weight loss point of view but from a "I'm satisfied with my life" kind of way.  Or are you waiting until you've lost weight to do those things you want to do?  Maybe you're that working that you're forgetting to stop and breathe, rest and enjoy your life!  Sobering thought isn't it, don't get caught on that hamster wheel of life.

Look back over your year, did you have some notable events, can you remember the highlights?  They don't have to be big, grand, expensive events, heck one of mine would be my shopping trip with my besties daughter, being able to make her smile so much was precious.  Another would be the many afternoons I've spent up the garden in the sunshine (yes we had quite a bit) with my mom giggling,  I have a lovely, silly photo of us with pegs in our hair!  Are you making memories, are you stopping to be a human being or trudging on as a human doing!

In the spirit of the festive, holiday season why don't you five yourself the gift of self-love this Christmas and take some time out for you, decide to make it a December to remember!

If you don't think your year has been as good as you'd have liked, I bet it's been better than you think, you may have fell short of certain goals, but did you try - that's what matters, are you proud of the progress you've made? 

This month, focus on the reasons for doing things instead of the results you'll see.  Start to appreciate the moment, stop thinking about the next thing you need to do.  It's easy to get stressed out about everything you have to do, unfortunately then you'll not enjoy the excitement of it all, it'll all get done and hey if it doesn't what's the worst thing that'll happen, you might end up with chicken for Christmas dinner or a child might not get a certain toy.  I'm 45 and can only remember 1 of my childhood presents, actually 2, the 2nd one was a huge disappointment, but it makes me laugh now and a constant remind that there's nothing more exciting than an unopened gift!

This month (heck from now on and forever would be better) stop comparing yourself to others, stop defining yourself by your achievements, know that you matter and are perfectly enough as you are.

One I'm still working on, I've got it down a lot of the time but not always is to not overreact as much, focus on the bigger picture.  My printer wouldn't work yesterday and there was a time I'd have exploded and hit the roof, instead I took a deep breathe and used Google to look for a solution.

From today, decide to believe in your future self, be proud of the direction you're going in.  List 5 things you've done this year that make you proud to be you, the start writing a list of all the things in your life, things that you've done, things that have happened this year that have added to your happiness.

If you have a bad memory like I do, why don't you start a happiness jar from today, don't wait until January 1, December 1 is the new time to make a resolution :)  Fill that jar with notes about all the good things that happen, all the smile moments, then next December when I write a blog asking about how good your year has been you'll have a jar stuffed full of amazing smile moments from throughout the year. Xx

I might do one and fill it with the funny things that mom does say!  

I like the idea of a smile jar, I know do that this month, fill a jar full of all the things that make me smile in this world, it would be great to have and dip into when you're having a bad day, things that make me smile include; sunrises, sunsets, herons, a members smile when they lose weight, and of course I'd add specific memories as I recall them or make them.  Yeah nice idea, on that note I'm off to get ready for work, exciting, busy time for me at the moment.

Have a smiley day BeYOUtiful.

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