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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Loving #WomanKind

27th December 2015
She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails

I spent yesterday doing nothing - it was fabulous!  I plan to do pretty much the same today, we all need time to recharge, to do things we enjoy.  Don't get me wrong I didn't sit and stare into space all day, although I did start the day with 20 minutes meditation, I just spent the day 'being' rather than doing.  Not having to think, 'what have I got to do next' is lovely, I know after a week, I'll have had enough of that but for now I'm still enjoying it. 

We had our turkey dinner yesterday thanks to my brother, he bought it round for us and it was delicious, today I'm thinking I'm going to focus on the 'No Count' food list from the new Smart Plan, I fancy bubble and squeak with the leftovers, cabbage, sprouts, carrots, potatoes, perfect way to use them up and a great way to get me back to focusing on the healthy.  I still don't intend to be 100% good as I'm on my holiday and I have no intention of tracking as such until the 2nd of January, however my twiglets are finished, so are the pringles and to be honest that's all the rubbish stuff I bought, moms got her stash but I can resist that and the freezer is full so I have no need to go shopping and be tempted by the 'reduced' Christmassy crap!

Yeah I'm on holiday and I want streaky bacon in my bubble and squeak and a fried egg on top, mmm nice!  Come this time next week, the tracker will be out on the side in the kitchen and any signs of bacon will be in the form of lean back!

I absolutely love this video, I ask you to watch it, it's about what makes a strong relationship?  It's powerful to watch, so watch now before reading on;


It's been my mission for a very long time to encourage my members to love and appreciate themselves as much as they do others, to realise their own BeYOUtiful and I just love that Weight Watchers are making it a big part of the SMART plan now

This page makes for interesting reading;

It says that 82% of women feel that the relationships they have with themselves could be stronger!  85% would like to be kinder to themselves, 88% wouldn't criticise others the way they criticise themselves and 89% of women compliment other people in ways they would never compliment themselves!  Isn't that sad, so please make 2016 the year you change, start bigging yourself up, stop criticising yourself and be kinder to yourself, look in the mirror everyday and pay yourself a compliment. 

It's nice to be nice, so be nice to yourself as well as others.  I've just read that womankind page and I love it, on it, it states " Finding the right group of people – either online or in real life – is a way of being kind to ourselves."  This is so true and I've proved it, I only surround myself with people that lift me, I've removed myself from angry people where possible, I like my calm world.  It also says “The best way to feel good about yourself is to ‘find your thing’ and do it.  Well I definitely found my thing when I became a Weight Watcher leader, it isn't just a job, it's a passion, it's why even though I'm having a week off from my meetings, I'm not totally disengaged from my members. 

So bubble and squeak, that can be breakfast right?  Then we can have it for dinner too, I may end up a little windy but hey, we're not going anywhere today so it's all good :)

Here's to a super Sunday. xx

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