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Friday, 4 December 2015

Are you happy?

4th December 2015
Change is inevitable.  Progression is a choice!
Nothing is worth it if you aren't happy!  How true is that, you can't live your life for others, you need to take care of your too and you need to what's right for you sometimes even if it ends up hurting people you love.

So what is it that would make you happy, do you even know?  Have you ever really stopped to think about what you want from your life?  Maybe you should, maybe now's a good time to do just that.  If you're coming to the end of 2015 and thinking, 'I'll be glad when this year's over!'  Trust me a date change won't improve anything, a change of mind will!

There can be so many reasons we're not happy including having no purpose, no goals, a job you hate, unfulfilling relationships, trying to be something you're not, trying to live up to someone else's dreams, fear of failure, your diet (yep you eat crap - you feel crap, eat healthy - feel happier), not realising how lucky you are - lack of gratitude oh and not forgetting negative thinking!  There could be more but it makes me unhappy when I think about the negative so I'm stop there!

If you don't like your life - change it = simples!

Easy to write I know, but seriously check out this flow chart;

It asks a simple question "Are you happy?" If your answers no, then change something. If it's yes, then keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re not happy, but don’t want to be happy, you can also keep doing what you’ve been doing. I think this clearly illustrates that you are responsible for your own happiness whether you want to believe that or not, and you need to accept the fact that change begins with an awareness of the need to do something about it.

So you might not be able to change your entire life instantly but you can change something can't you.  It has to be better than hanging around waiting for something to happen, hoping that everything will instantly become better when we hit 2016.  Decide to put a little umph and effort into getting your happy on. How?

It all starts with a change of attitude, after all happiness is merely an emotion, and we have hundreds of those to choice from, we have the ability to feel and think whatever we wish, so choose to think positive thoughts, that's more likely to lead to a happy mind.

Instead of focusing on something that makes you sad or angry, focus on something that makes you smile.  Let's use the WW app as an example, it's a mess and some members are getting really worked up and upset about it, I've just decided to leave it alone for a few days, I know how to eat healthily, I don't need to be stressing because I can't log in.

Also if you've just thought, "that's easier said than done", yeah maybe, but realise change is possible, this is your life, seriously believe you can change it.  I know there are something's we can't change, the weather is the main one that springs to my mind, but there are so many things you can change, hey you could think "damn it's raining, that's a pain, I've just done my hair, now it's gonna get wet, blah blah, I'm now unhappy", or you can just think "oh it's raining, hey ho".

So you wanna get happy?  What are your goals, you can't change things if you don't know where you're going, where you want to be.    Of course once you've made those decisions, you've got to take action, DO IT!  Work our exactly what needs to be done, break it down, take it one step at a time, you've gotta be in it to win it!

What is it you want, what would make you happy?  Are you bored - find something to do, if you don't like you're job - look for another, if you can't get another job right now, suck it up and find joy in other parts of your life, whilst making plans to escape that role. 

We all have some free time and its up to you how you spend it, sometimes we think we haven't but take a look at how much time you might be wasting on social media, or in front of the tv, could you get up an hour earlier?  How you spend your free time is completely your decision, but if you're unhappy with your life, maybe you could use that time to do something about it.

If you honestly feel there is nothing you can change in your life, then you need to find a way to be thankful for the things you already have (change the way you look at things, the things you look at change).  Being grateful and thankful is a massive step in the right direction towards being happy.

Start caring about your own life, make a promise to yourself to get happy, don't wait till 2016 and hope, make this a December to remember, once you've made that promise - don't break it because you're worth more than that.  Treat yourself how you treat others, with love and respect (I hope).

Remember it takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan, so get planning and working on changing things to get happy or if you're already happy, can you get happier!

I'm already happy, but I feel like I'm off to make a plan to get even happier!  Catch you tomorrow BeYOUtiful. xx

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