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Thursday, 3 December 2015

I wish I could make some truly BeYOUtiful people see what I see!

3rd December 2015
You alone are enough.  You have nothing to prove to anybody. Maya Angelou

Comparison is the thief of joy - that's a saying I heard yesterday for the first time, it's funny how the universe works because as my day unfolded I witnessed a few situations where that was the case. 

One of the reasons we struggle with insecurity is because we're comparing our 'real life' all that behind the scenes nitty gritty reality with someone else's best bits, we're only seeing the bit they show.  Or maybe we're comparing our journey and success with someone else and wondering why we're not doing as well as they are, what we may be overlooking is how different our worlds are.  It's never easy for anyone to lose weight successfully long term, even those that go through the 'easy days' but it's made easier if you have the time to focus on you, it has to be easier for someone who has a spare 40 hours a week to focus on their weight loss than for someone who has to spend those 40 hours working a full time job, then come home and take care of a family and a household.  So if someone looks like they're finding it really easy and its making you feel 'inadequate', don't let it, for every one successful person you are focusing on, trust me there's at least a dozen struggling as you are with it all and feeling overwhelmed by the journey ahead. 

They say the only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday but I say do you know what, if you don't feel that today you can be better than the person you were yesterday, that's okay too.  You don't have to be in competition with anyone, not even yourself.  Sometimes it's okay just be 'be' after all we're called human beings not human doings!

I used to find it really difficult to admit to my members I just wasn't on track and engaged 100% in the programme, I don't know, no one can be expected to be 100% anything all the time!  So I'll just pre warn you, I'm off for afternoon tea on Friday (it was a gift) and I won't be on track at all, I won't be ProPointing any of it, I won't care what the scales say on Monday but I will have a lovely few hours with my mom eating cake as I've convinced her to come with me and leave Alfie to fend for himself.  I'm seriously looking forward to it, not because I'll be eating cake, but because I'll be eating cake with my mom and making memories.

Sometimes we do get overwhelmed by that journey ahead, we're focusing so hard on where we're trying to get that it consumes us.  If you feel like that, STOP for a moment and ask yourself what's really the problem in your life right now because a lot of the time it really isn't about your diet, you're using that to distract yourself from what's really causing you problems/pain/guilt.  It might be trouble at work, issues at home, illness, low self esteem, it could be any number of things.  However stressing and getting upset about your weight is only going to add to those problems, instead take a deep breath, give yourself a break, then a hug (better still ask someone else to give you a hug) and commit to eating as healthy as you can and to it being okay if you do indulge in a bit of 'cheer me up chocolate'.

This weight loss lark ain't easy, and I don't care what anyone says!  I sat through 3 hours of parliament yesterday afternoon whilst doing my paperwork, they were having the “Introduce a tax on sugary drinks in the UK to improve our children's health.” Debate, if you're as sad as me here are the links :)

One thing a very interesting MP said (yes I said interesting, I'd vote for her, which she was my local MP - Dr Philippa Whitford) was#

"We live in a totally obesogenic environment. The idea that it is easy to resist things is simply not true. Everything is geared towards making people eat unhealthily. We spend a little more than £600 million on obesity prevention, but £256 billion is spent on advertising unhealthy foods. It is David and Goliath. It is difficult for people to make the right choices."

She then went on to talk about how 40% of food bought in our shops is on promotion, and that is heavily weighted towards unhealthy foods.   

"The argument is that people who are less well off save money if they can buy one for £1 or two for £1.50. However, the evidence we heard is that, if that means they buy two packets of biscuits, one will not be put in the cupboard for next week; both will get eaten this week, and the same mum or dad will be back the following week to shop for another packet of biscuits. Therefore they have not only eaten far more unhealthy food and sugar but spent more money. Promotions of unhealthy foods in multi-buys are not helping anyone."

See this losing weight thing is hard, there is £256 billion being spent on encouraging us to eat more, just take a look around at the tills in any shop you go in!

You're BeYOUtiful, trust me, you're doing just fine, you're aware that you need to take care of yourself, you want to make healthier choices and you're doing just that when you can - I think that makes you incredible, GO YOU!
Now go have a great day xx

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