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Friday, 18 December 2015

Yes you can still Smart Point your Friday night Chinese!

18th December 2015

A little step may be the beginning of a great journey.

A week today ay, well I really need to get into the spirit of Christmas!  I've been so busy this month, it just seems like any other week, so this weekend I think mom and I will put some decorations up in the living room.

SO I've been fancying a Chinese for a few weeks now, I like chicken chow mein and egg fried rice and of course if you already have your hands on an eat out guide you know they're not in there, so I've gone back over my old blogs when I've ProPointed these meals and I'm going to have a bash at converting them to SmartPoints.

Now Asda do a Chicken Chow mein that's 14sp, Sainsbury's is 15sp and they both weigh around the 400g mark.

This is a portion of Chicken Chow Mein from my local takeaway that I've blogged about previously, the portion was 550g, now that's a big portion. 
It looked like this on the plate
If you consider the ingredients, noodles, chicken, beansprouts, onions, sauce. Let's break it down;
200g of noodles are 9sp and they would fill the same tub like this, so even if we erred on the side of caution and said there was 250g is 11sp, 300g is 14sp. If you look at the same tub with plain noodles in, you can see why I’d guesstimate that way!
A chicken breast is 2sp, a tablespoon of oil is 5sp, then there's the sauces they use soy and oyster so I'd guess 1sp as they'd be about a tablespoon in there.

So if I have a chow mein this weekend I'll be guestimating 11sp for the noodles (250g), 2sp for the chicken (they don't put that much in do they!), zero for the onions and beansprouts, 3sp for the oil (2tsps), and 1sp for the sauces (there ain't more than a tablespoon in mine).  So 17sp, I can live with that, I might round it up to 20sp if it was all I was having and I'm going to be ordering one later I think!

Now for the egg fried rice;

Oh my days, that's a lot of rice, but it is the typical portion I'd get if I was to buy round here.  This is chicken fried rice and it weighed 400g for one portion, the tray never looks that big you know, white rice 400g cooked is 17pp without it being fried!  Supermarket versions of egg fried rice work out at around 18sp, but their recommended serving sizes are 150g, so really there's more than 2 portions in that tray!

You're looking at 20sp in that tray easily. 

I think supermarket ready meals are going to be a good comparison for take away meals, especially if you look at the 'taste the difference' posh ranges because they will have richer ingredients in them. 

So that's my Friday night sorted, I will share it, I wonder if they do a smaller option with half and half, I'll go and investigate, it's been a while since I've been to Chinese takeaway.

See ignorance isn't bliss, being Smart is the way forward, you can eat out and have a Friday night takeaway and a little of what you fancy, it's just learning what a portion SHOULD look like and realising these dishes can be shared ;)

Have a fab Friday BeYOUtiful.

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