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Thursday, 24 December 2015

It's only, very, nearly Christmas!

24th December 2015
Understanding your worth.  Value your life.  Appreciate your belssings.

Allow yourself to be a beginner - I love this idea and I'm going to embrace it in January and treat the Smart Points plan as if I were a new member, tracking, planning the lot and I'm looking forward to it, but first Christmas. 

If you haven't updated your Weight Watchers app in the last few days, do so now, there's a new 'connect' section and it's fab, bit like instagram but without the hassle of another app and I can follow my members and they can follow me back, so if you haven't already, follow me 'blongsden'.

Christmas Eve, just one more morning of work and I get a week off work, I'm looking forward to some downtime, to focusing on myself and of course spending time with my mom, she's still got the lurgy but not as bad as some have had it so hopefully she'll recover soon.

Early start this morning, I'm weighing members from half seven so they can then go to work or shop or whatever it is we all do on Christmas Eve, I've woke up feeling all festive but I guess I better get cracking! 

Another incredible night at the scales last night, ended the year on a high, Margaret reached her goal, 61lb lost - fabulous, what a Christmas present.  Paul got his 50lb certificate which made all of us pleased, it's eluded him for a while now.  It was just incredible listening to everyone's success at the scales this year as we chatted and it has been all week, look at the success already since Smart Points launched two weeks ago;

Okay short and sweet, I'm feeling truly blessed this morning, a conversation I had with my helper (Julie) last night made me realise how long we've known each other and how used to each other we are, another friend I love that Weight Watchers has provided me with, gotta love the company for that! 

Happy & Healthy Christmas BeYOUtiful, enjoy yourself, I'm going to!

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