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Monday, 7 December 2015

Here's to an epic week ahead!

7th December 2015
Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.  Tip toe if you must, but take the step.
11 years ago today, I did my final assessment to be a Weight Watcher leader!  It turned out to be a life changer, it really did.  I was doing to be a leader as a part time thing, couple of nights a week, a hobby almost - well that lasted 7 months.  It turned out to be the start of a life changing year for sure, by July I was so unhappy in my full time job, yet loving every moment of Weight Watchers, that without really thinking of the financial implications or the debt I was in, I resigned in July and asked my new area manager if she could give me any more meetings.  Here I am 11 years later, still loving it as if it was the first day, a little less nervous about standing up in from of hundreds of people now though. 

What makes it even better is this week I get to tell all my members about what Weight Watchers are calling "the most exciting innovation in 50 years!" I know my members are going to love it, and I can follow it without having to talk one thing whilst attempting to follow another, now we'll all be on the same page.  Looking forward to spending most of today getting ready for it, those last few bits and bobs, most of it's ready to go just needs getting ready to go in the car - I dreamt this morning I forgot all the new programme material and products when I got to the meeting and there were massive queues and I had to send my helper back home - it was chaos!  So the real thing can only get better!   

I also need to find the time to cook something, I'd say lasagne but I don't think I have the ingredients in so that'll after wait.  Ooo I might make a concoction, use pasta instead of lasagne sheets, it's the same thing different shape, not sure if there's mince in the freeze but I can make a chicken quorn pasta thing, maybe have a meatfree Monday - yeah that's that sorted, Meat Free Monday it is, I'll go look now for what to make. 

I also need to sort these handbags out too, I can't move again and they're not going till next week, so today is sort it all out day! 

Yesterday however was very lovely, 7 hours of relaxation, almost completely WW free until my massage therapist decided to ask me what I did for a living and turned into a proper chatter box talking 'weight', so much for a relaxing massage, thankfully I get one of those every week from the best so I wasn't too bothered.  We had a lovely day, I was scrubbed, buffed, wrapped up in foil and polished!  Now I know how the Christmas turkey feels...

Right moms awake, I'm off to make a cuppa, catch you laters, Happy Monday BeYOUtiful and if you're a Weight Watcher look forward to your meeting this week, if you're not, why not pop along to find out more, it's open house this week, everyone's welcome.

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